Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Apply

To apply for representation with MAX Agency Toronto, please Click here to fill out an application form. You must include your contact information, a recent photo, your measurements, hair/eye colour, industry experience, skills, etc. If you are under the age of 18, you must complete the application with a parent or legal guardian. We will review your application, and if interested we will contact you within 72 hours. Prior experience is not required. MAX Agency covers and provides training for all talent on the roster. If you have any additional questions, please call us directly at (416)482-5392.

What is an Open Call?

Every Wednesday, MAX Agency holds open calls between 2pm and 6 pm. This is an opportunity for anyone interested in the industry to drop-in without an appointment. All talent must bring a few photographs to leave with the Agent. If you are under the age of 21, you must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian.

What is an Evaluation?

Once your application has been reviewed, an agent will decide if you qualify for an evaluation. If so, you will receive a call and an evaluation time will be arranged for you with an Agent. The purpose of the evaluation is to do a thorough screening of the candidate. The Agent will ask you a series of questions pertaining to the industry. Your skills, statistics, personality, availability, and interest in the industry are some of the factors that will determine whether or not you meet MAX Agency’s criteria.

Do I need to Bring Anything to the Evaluation?

Yes. If you were selected for an evaluation, you must bring two recent photographs. The first must be a headshot, and the second must be a body shot. They do not need to be professionally done, and the Agent will be keeping these pictures as part of your application. These pictures are crucial because it gives the Agent an idea of how well you photograph. If you have a professional portfolio, headshots, composite cards etc. please bring them with you.

What Happens if I’m Accepted?

If you successfully make it through the screening stages, you will be notified and you will be asked to review our Management Agreement, which can be found on You will have to come in to MAX Agency and sign the Agreement.

What Happens if I’m not Accepted?

If you are not accepted after your Evaluation, you will be informed shortly after by an Agent.

What is a Submission?

A submission is when a client requests a certain look or type for a project. When we are notified about an upcoming project, our Bookings department will perform an internal search to see who matches the given description. The number of submissions that talent will receive will depend on what the client is seeking. For example, if a client is looking for a Asian woman in her late 40’s, only those that match that description will be submitted. Your age, ethnicity, experience, and skills, are factors that will determine the number of projects you will be submitted for.

Why Do I Check-In?

Accepted Talent are required to check-in every week. This ensures that the Bookings department knows when you are available for auditions. Accepted Talent will be assigned a login name and password. You will be responsible for letting us know your availability. You must visit and select talent login. Failure to do so may terminate your contract. If you have trouble accessing your account, please call us directly at (416)482-5392.

Why Do I Need a Parent if I’m Under 21 Years of Age?

All applicants that are under the age of 21 and live at home must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian. The purpose of this is to ensure that the parent/guardian is aware of our policies and procedures.

Are There Registration Fees?

No. There are no registration fees. MAX Agency covers all registration fees.

Do I Have to Pay for Training, Modeling Classes and/or Acting Workshops?

No. MAX Agency covers and provides full training for Modeling and Acting. All talent on our roster receive full training that focuses on audition techniques, modeling, monologues, runway, confidence and much much more.

Why Do I Have to Go to Classes?

Classes are mandatory for all those on our roster. These classes are paid for by MAX Agency. We provide training to all of our Talent. This is to prepare them for upcoming auditions and to ensure that they understand what is expected of them. Our training helps new Talent hold their own against experienced Talent.

Are There are Height Requirements?

Yes, there are height requirements for Runway modeling. The minimum height for runway modeling is 5’7”. However, there is no height requirement for commercial photography or print work. For example, when you walk into a bank and see an advertisement for mortgages or if you were to see a billboard ad for chewing gum, it may be accompanied by a picture of a smiling couple. This is commercial photography. There are no height requirements for this type of work. Also, Runway modeling is extremely limited in the Toronto market.

Are There Any Age Requirements?

Yes. MAX Agency does not represent any talent less than two years of age. We represent talent of ages, ranging from two years of age to 75+.

Is There a Weight Requirement?

No. There is no weight requirement. There are numerous roles available for all types, no matter your age, shape or size. There are casting calls and plenty of roles for heavy set individuals. For example, retail stores for heavy set figures are always in need of talent for their commercials and advertisements. There are also plenty of successful actors that have a heavier set, such and John Goodman and Chris Farley, not to mention the cast of Sopranos and Mike & Molly.

Why Do I Need Professional Photographs

There are many reasons why professional photos are necessary in this industry.

In order to be submitted for projects, all submissions must include a headshot and/or composite card. A headshot/comp card features the talent in their best light, and showcases their appearance. This industry is heavily reliant on your appearance and if you choose not to have professionally done photographs, it may hinder your success. In addition, no agency will represent you if you are unwilling to provide professionally done photographs.

It is mandatory that you bring a headshot or comp card to every audition, as well as your portfolio with your agency’s name. The headshot/comp card is to be left behind, so once the auditions have finished, the client will be able to review and remember who you are. Some projects will audition as many as a hundred people, and most clients will need a photograph to identify the talent.

Am I Guaranteed Work?

No. No agency can make any guarantees or promises. The ultimate decision is up to the client. Agencies can only help you get your foot in the door, by submitting you for projects for which you qualify. The client’s decision to call you in for an audition is heavily based on your headshot/comp card and your resume. If they like your look and you fit the description and they know that you are professionally trained, there’s a good chance you will get called in for an audition. From that point, it is up to the Talent to impress the client.

Is it Hard to get into Acting/Modeling?

No, not at all. Everyday people are needed for a variety of roles, and the success of the talent depends on their commitment. As long as you have the right materials, such as headshots/comp cards, the right training and the right attitude you should have no problem entering the industry. These are the key things that are required to obtain professional representation, and from that point you can be submitted for projects. Once again, it is not the agency that makes the ultimate decision; it is at the discretion of the client.