Toronto Acting Agency – Toronto Talent Management – Tip Tuesday – How to Deal with Rejection as an Actor

Every actor needs to accept that they will not be booked for each audition that they do. Most of the time, rejections are not about the talent, but how well they fit the requirements of the project. 

Read on for some tips on how to deal with rejection in a healthy and productive way.

Toronto Acting Agency – Toronto talent agency – How to deal with rejection as an actor

1. Accept that rejection is a part of the process

It is normal for actors to spend more auditioning than acting. For actors just starting out, the average of bookings to auditions is around one of 20. As you do more and more auditions, it may feel like you are increasing the number of rejections, but you are really getting closer to a booking. 

Even famous actors face rejection after auditioning, so do not let rejection haunt you or discourage you from doing more auditions. 

2. Keep in mind that it is not always about acting skills

Many factors other than acting skills affect a casting director’s decision. It can be about how well you fit with the person that you would be acting against, you may be too young or too tall for the part, or maybe you resemble someone else on the cast. The list goes on and on. 

Acting is just a part of the requirements and the only one that you can control. So focus on improving your skills and keep auditioning until a part that is the right fit for you comes along. 

3. You may stay on the mind of the casting director for future roles

Casting directors remember good auditions. Even if you were not the right fit for one role, leaving a good impression will increase your chances of getting more auditions for other roles. So keep doing auditions to get casting directors familiar with your work. 

4. Plan something nice after the audition

Instead of ruminating after an audition, have something fun to do. Plan to meet with friends, go for a fitness class, or whatever it is that you like to keep busy with. This will distract you enough to keep you from dwelling on how the audition went. 

5. Write down or record your thoughts about the audition

Auditions are learning opportunities that you should take advantage of. If little details from the audition come to your mind, write them down and then move on. Stop thinking about it until you are preparing for your next audition. Use them as notes to help you prepare and avoid doing the same mistakes. 

6. Practice for auditions in front of others

Practicing by yourself and performing for an audience feels very different. Practicing with the added stress of an audience will help you with audition anxiety as you will get used to performing despite feeling nervous. Gather your family or your friends and perform in front of them. 

Most importantly, do not be discouraged and keep auditioning!

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