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Reality TV is a great way to get experience in the industry. While it may not necessarily help an acting career,  it helps to  get your name out there.

The exact lines may not be scripted, but the situations and the outcomes of a reality show are scripted according to how the creators want to entertain the audience. 

When auditioning for reality TV, the goal is to stand out and get a reaction from the casting directors. The best way to do so is by having strong opinions, a bold personality, and a unique/attractive look.

Read all about what to demonstrate in reality TV auditions to get cast and how to find those auditions. 

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What the Creators Are Looking For

A reality show’s audience is after drama, arguments, and confrontations. It is referred to as ‘Reality TV’ because it a exaggerated version of our daily lives. When auditioning for a spot on a reality show, you therefore need to show that you are someone who can create all forms of drama.

For debates to take place among the cast, creators need people with strong opinions. Other personality traits that are favourable are neuroticism, flirtatiousness, being loud, and anything else that will cause people to react to you. Casting directors will look for people with conflicting personalities.

The audience also watch these shows to look at attractive or unique looking people. What makes you attractive or unique can be anything including a distinct hairstyle, color, or fashion style.

How to Prepare for a Reality TV Audition

In addition to communicating the above traits, below are a few things that you can do to prepare for your audition.

  1. Workout

This is one for the superficial nature of reality shows. Especially the shows about finding relationships are not actually finding love. It is about drama between young and hot people. Being attractive is, therefore, something that will make you a good fit.

2. Practice a Skill

Being really good at a particular skill will help you to stand out. Even if it is not related to what the hsow is baout, skills make you interesting. Examples of skills that are attractive to casting directors are sports, cooking, playing a musical instrument, and so on. 

Even if you are really bad at it, it is still a way to distinguish yourself. There are shows out there that are all about finding who is the worst at something,such as Canada’s Worst Driver.

3. Look for a Show With a Specific Theme

There are shows that are sepcifically about a job or skill. For example, cooking competitions, or Cops and Ice Road Truckers. If you have a job or skill that matches a particular show, reach out to the creators of the show.

4. Have a Side Story

Having a side story, such as a life transition, a challenge that you are facing, will make you attractive to the show’s producers who want to create anengaging side story. This could even create an opportunity for a spinoff. 

How to Find Reality Show Auditions

Reality shows usually have a system for people to apply for an audition. Visit their websites and follow their social media pages to find out when they have casting calls.

Another way to get an audition is to reach out to the casting people. Casting directors’ names will usually be in the start or end credits of these shows. Reach out to them through their agency’s Facebook/Instagram page or website. Or you can find their production company’s email to reach out.

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