Toronto Acting AGency – Modeling Toronto – Tip tuesday – Managing Holiday Stress

The holiday season can leave you feeling overwhelmed. If the grinch hasn’t stolen your good spirit yet, try these tips to stay stress-free.

1. Maintain healthy habits.

Challenge yourself during the holidays. For example, be active every day over the next three weeks. Take it a step further and start the day with a healthy breakfast, limit the sweets and get at least seven hours of sleep each night. If you don’t completely give up your healthy habits, you won’t feel like you have to start over once the holidays are over.

2. Avoid seasonal sweets.

The holidays often dish up extra helpings of less-than-healthy treats. Try preparing healthy snacks that are ready to eat when the urge to snack strikes. If you’re hosting a holiday party, challenge yourself to make delicious and healthier snacks.

3. Stay active.

Instead of beating yourself up about missing a workout, sprinkle some healthy activities into your daily routine. For example, if the weather isn’t too frightful and you’re working from home, ride your bike around your neighborhood during a lunch break. If dinner is going to be a feast, opt for a light lunch, then take a vigorous walk. And keep the family moving. When the kids are home from school, squeeze in some active chores and trips to the park.

4. But not too active.

Give yourself the gift of peace. If you need some down time to recharge, declare a “me time” and do something that relaxes you. Try yoga, meditation or spending time in nature.

5. Make a plan for the new year.

It’s a great time to reset for the new year – but don’t set unrealistic goals that will only discourage or overwhelm you. Lay out realistic, sustainable steps for the months ahead. For example, start a daily walking routine before you set your sign up for that marathon.

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