Lighting- Use a direct light, natural light, soft light, backlight depending upon the lighting conditions. Your selfies will turn out extremely clear, vibrant and sharp.

man taking selfie on seashore

Background- Always think before clicking a selfie. It’s not just about the foreground. Your background is as important as you. Make sure your background is clean and neat. This will ensure your selfie have a great composition altogether.

woman taking selfie

Angle your head- Try tilting your head a little and figure out what works best for you. You can also support the head with your hand, making it a classic pose. You cannot go wrong with it.

woman holding her hair

Keep your camera at a distance- Try this experiment: Click a selfie from your phone and position it at 30-50 cm away from your face and click another selfie at 15 cm away. You will notice that your facial features are more accurate when the camera is at a 30-50cm away from your face. Or use a selfie stick.

smartphone on monopod

Crop to the rescue- You just clicked a great selfie but forgot about the messy background. Crop it in style.

woman wearing blue shirt

Edit it right- Try editing it in a way that YOU still look like YOU.

smiling woman wearing white and black pinstriped collared top

Have fun- The coolest selfies are the one where you are having fun and look happy.

man showing his tongue while riding on ATV