Tip Tuesday – Self Confidence for Auditions

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All of our talent at MAX Agency is very passionate and enthusiastic; that’s why they are here!

We all get so excited when our talent lands auditions and gets booked for a project.

However, since there are only so many jobs available for these kinds of talent, it can sometimes become overwhelming to those starting out in this industry.

Specifically discussing acting, Robert Curtiss in his article “How Acting Affects Your Self-Esteem” writes about how some actors can become very overwhelmed. 

“They audition and take every job they don’t get as a personal rejection and a comment on who they are.”

While not every audition works out, it’s important to remember that it’s admirable to even have achieved an audition.  Talent works so hard to get to this position, and it’s truly impressive to be auditioning in this industry.

It is obvious that the auditioning process can be draining at times, but maintaining a positive attitude is imperative.  Talent needs to remain confident and self-assured. 

“When people who need validation and attention pursue this career in show business, frequently become bitter and resentful that they have to convince people to like them, to hire them, etc. Thus, they sabotage themselves precisely for the same reason they chose this career in the first place!”

Remember to remain self-confident.  Talent speaks for itself!


Good luck from MAX Agency!



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