Talent Showcase Saturday – Iann A.

Welcome back to Showcase Saturday here at MAX Agency —  a successful Toronto acting agency representing men, women and children.


This week we’ll be showcasing an extremely talented member of our roster – Iann A! 


His Beginnings

I grew up in Montreal. My mom is Québecquoise and my dad is Mexican. When I was 20 I decide to go study acting in Vancouver. Fast forward some years and here I am in Toronto.


“How did you get into modelling/acting?”

I kind of decided on a whim to study at Vancouver Film School. It was also a good excuse to move to Vancouver. But I quickly realize that I love it and unfortunately there nothing else I would rather do.

His Experience with MAX Agency

My experience has been pleasant so far. It’s nice to be part of a bigger agency with so many people working together towards a common goal.


With the little spare time I have. I try to stay healthy and in shape. I watch a lot… probably too much tennis. I wish I could play more but all my playing partners moved away. I also read a lot.

His Dream Role

In a drama, for sure! Or a rom-com! And I would want to play the antagonists. Bad guys roles for sure. I just find there is more to do with those types of role. Plus the bad guys always have more fun.

“Best advice for someone looking to get into the industry? or best advice you’ve received?”

The best advice I received is just to stick with it. There is a lot of rejection in this field. That’s just the way it is, but you can’t take personally. You just have to remember that you’re doing this because there is nothing else you would rather do. If I am not acting I just find something is missing in life.



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