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Toronto Talent Agency – Talent Spotlight – Alexander C.

Today’s Talent Spotlight is Alexander C.- actor, director, photographer, and filmmaker.

Alexander has an impressive resume that shows his passion for the film industry. Read on to learn more about his experience and his vision.

Toronto Talent Agency – Alexander C. – Actor, director, photographer, video designer

Alexander found his passion for performance since elementary school. His play Sunshine (2009) was chosen to be staged when he was in high school. He has also directed plays such as David Ive’s Foreplay, or The Art of Fugue (2010). 

He later attented Theatre school where he developed his acting, directing, and storytelling skills. He was interested in finding ways to join drama and technology together. 

Alex’s work as the sound/video designer for a collaborative production called Fragmentos (2014) won him an award for his creative use of video projections. 

His theatre acting experience includes playing ‘Sebastian’ in Shakepeare’s Twelfth Night, Or What You Will (2013), ‘Lurvey’ in Charlotte’s Web (2009), and the male-lead in an indepedently written student production entitled Runner (2011).

Max Agency Talent – Alexander C. – Toronto Acting Agency

Alexander began exploring the world of Television and film when studying at the Toronto Film Academy, appearing as ‘Dracula’ in the docu-drama Gothic Forensics (2020), ‘Rogelio’ in the second season of OXYGEN Network’s An Unexpected Killer (2021), a number of short films including Kings (2019), Dire Straits (2020), and Stoned Cold Killers (2020), and a background performer in Apple TV’s hit TV series See (2020).

His passion for merging drama and technology has led him to create Waking World Productions. He started by making creative videos of live performances, large events, and concerts where he worked with a number of bands and musicians. He’s also worked to create promotional content for numerous clients.

Alexander’s Career Goals

“My passion is for both performance and creation, and my career choice has always tried to encompass the two.

My official “Vision” is “Through the creation of visually and psychologically engaging media, or through the embodiment of a character, I seek to explore our place in society by navigating the realities, frailties, and ironies of the human condition

Truthfully, my goal is to perform in and create as many provoking, truthful, and compelling pieces of film and media that deal with the nature of our humanity.

Right from when I was young, I understood the power and influence of film & performance, and I’ve made it my goal to be part of that!”

Alexander C. – Toronto Acting Agency

His vision for Waking World Productions

“My goal for Waking World Productions is to create feature films and television content with influences from a variety of different cultures, styles, ideologies, and even spiritualities – preferably with a healthy dose of humour!

The bulk of the projects I’ve worked on have been freelance content – only just recently have I begun the transition into more self-produced content, including my first short film entitled “Jack”, set to release publicly this month.

I currently have a comedic web series, “How to Be Human” and a genre-bending feature film “(i)F” in development”

What ignited your passion for this industry?

“I remember watching movies as a kid and being so changed by them. I knew it was something I was meant to do.

As far back as I can remember, I wanted to act. I was even The Littlest Elf in daycare! But by the time I was in high school, I discovered a new passion for writing and directing as well.

I eventually attended school for theatre and transitioned into screen-acting post-graduation.”

Toronto Acting Agency’s talent, Alexander C.

Were you always a creative person, or is that something that you have developed with experience?

“I’ve been told I was – The sort of kid that could find a way to have fun with a rock haha. But I definitely remember making a voice-over comic with my best friend using PowerPoint when I was in grade school. It was terrible, but it happened.

I always had a passion for photography, and after University I worked with a friend hosting concerts & music festivals where I could really explore the creative freedoms of producing video content.

I’ve always enjoyed writing and sometimes I can be pretty okay at it. Don’t ask me to draw though…”

What advice do you have for those who have dreams like you but are afraid to take the first step?

Just do it. I mean, what is there to lose? Maybe you’re back where you started, maybe it’s the best decision you ever made?

Max Agency actor – Alexander C. – Toronto Talent Agency

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MAX Agency is a successful Toronto modelling agency representing menwomen and children. MAX provides talent for the film, television, fashion and advertising industries as well as appearance in trade shows, promotions and special events.

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Toronto Talent agency features actor Bobby Cole

Meet Bobby Cole. He is a talented Toronto actor who is part of Max Agency’s roster!

Bobby who has Ukrainian roots, has been in various job positions over the years, including being a talent scout and manager for 5 years! Every time he starts a new job, he rushes back to the entertainment industry because that is where he feels the most alive. 

How did you get into acting?

“As a child, I always knew I wanted to be in the entertainment business. I just had to figure out the first steps and I haven’t looked back since. Halfway through my 3rd semester in College, I decided to get a background agent and the snowball started rolling. Soon after, I joined the Second City Training Centre for beginner classes and by the time I finished my 5th class, I was already auditioning for their conservatory class.

I went to business school prior to Second City so I had zero knowledge of improv but I did get casted for the one year program, so that was a very surreal feeling. I loved every second of it. Who knows, maybe I’ll give it another shot for the Conservatory Program. I highly recommend any one who is starting off in this business to start at Second City. For me it was the perfect platform to find my place in this ever growing business. “

 Any memorable moments from set?

“My most memorable role with Max Agency has been the role of HERB ABRAMS in THE DARK SIDE OF THE RING series. COCAINE and COWBOY BOOTS is the name of the episode. It was a very intense few days on set. I don’t remember much of being on set and I live vicariously through what I’m told.
I lived through similar situations as the character did in real life, so I instantly went in to that mindset and ran with it.  About a month ago, I filmed another episode for the same show, playing a totally different character, and the crew was calling me Herb when they realized it was me. It’s a feeling that really grounds you and reassures you that you’ve done the job they hired you for and to continue growing as an actor.”
Bobby shares, “When I read a script for the role of any character, I try to look at the similarities between the character and me. I look for phrases or even bad habits that we share, or shared, together. I think that’s why I morphed into Herb Abrams so well, I’ve lived some of the things he has. I instantly forget the crew or the camera and I just focus on the take. I let it flow as it’s supposed to and if it doesn’t, we do it again.”
Bobby took a break from the business for a while, so he is now hungry for more! He would love to play the role of a psycho whom his audience will remember for  a long time, the character who has the grossest death in a horror, an action lead, or a role in  a cheeky romcom. The  more versatile the role, the better! 
What is the best advice that you have received about getting in the industry?
“The best advice I got when I started in this industry was from a colleague who once told me, “EVERY MOVE, A PICTURE”, interpret it as you wish. My advice to anyone is “WHEN YOU THINK YOU’RE AT YOUR WEAKEST, YOU’RE ACTUALLY AT YOUR STRONGEST. BECAUSE YOU KEEP PUSHING FORWARD. I say this to anyone who needs to hear it, regardless if its on set or in real life, it gives people and yourself that extra push to keep going.”
Bobby’s experience with Max Agency

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