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Toronto Acting Agency – Talent Spotlight- Stella D.

Our Talent Spotlight is for Stella D., who is a passionate actor and mother! She watched the movie Annie with her parents and knew what she wanted to do is sing and dance! 

After numerous auditions, she gave up acting, but has now found the way back to her calling. She talked to us about her journey. 

Stella D. – Toronto Actor and Model

Stella was very timid growing up, but when her father’s camcorder was on her during family events, she became a different person. She’d sing and put on shows. “It was like magic entered my body and I became alive”, she recalls.

She did not pursue this passion until, at 14 years old, she took modeling classes at Elenor Fulcher in Toronto. “I remember taking the subway by myself. I graduated but nothing came of it because at that time, there were height requirements to be a runway model and at 5’2″ no one would accept me. It was a great experience that got me out of my shell a bit.”

When she got older, she tried to pursue an acting career, but she faced obstacles. “Traveling from the small town where I lived, to Toronto almost on a daily basis for auditions took its toll on me. Not to mention I was a single mom with 3 mouths to feed and it was getting expensive.

I put my dreams on hold to raise my kids. I think I put my own obstacles in my way. I let fear control my emotions and used that as an excuse. I also thought I wasn’t good enough being rejected time and time again, only getting a call back once. I stopped pursuing acting. “

Do you remember your first audition?

“Like it was yesterday. It was for a dell commercial. We were sitting in what was supposed to be an airplane. I got a callback for it. Didn’t end up getting the part but it was my first audition.”

How do you deal with rejection?

” I just do. I have a strong personality and thick skin. You have to in this industry. “

With her kids now off on their own, Stella has found her way back to acting and modeling. She first posed for her friend who was looking to advertise her boudoir photography, and that is when she realized that it is time to pursue her dreams.

During your break from acting, were there times when you felt it was missing from your life? If so, how did you deal with it?

“I missed it a lot. I knew at some point I’d get back to it. I didn’t realize it was going to be so late in life. I went to the gym, I joined a boxing and kick boxing class. In the end it was all worth it.”

How did it feel to get into this industry after so long? (Scary, exciting, intimidating, natural..) Tell me about your first acting class at Studio West, how did feel like to be doing this again?

“It was all of the above. Every emotion you can feel but mostly happy to finally get back into it. My first class with Alec (acting coach at Studio West) was nerve-wrecking but so much fun. He’s an amazing coach. I think it really helped me get out of my shell. I’m really shy and nervous to perform improv around people I don’t know. Sometimes I still am. Believe it or not I’m not that funny.”


Do you regret not doing it sooner?

“Sometimes but I don’t dwell on the past. Everything will come to fruition in divine time.”

Were your kids supportive?

“My kids are always  supportive of everything I do. They got that from me.”

What advice do you have for other women like you who have dreams and passion, but have important responsibilities that are stopping them?

“I know we hear this all the time but don’t give up, don’t let obstacles get in your way of achieving your dreams. Never let fear control you. Just do it! My cousin and I were discussing this the other day and he said fear is holding him back. I said release it and do what you love to do. I did and I am. It’s a mindset. Believe in yourself and you will do great things.”

 “I found random jobs for new fashion designers and did a couple of fashion shows for various designers and Maison De Couture. I did a couple of indie horror films. Which landed me on imdb. I thought that was amazing.”
It is great that you did fashion shows and indie horror films! How was the experience?

“It was a great experience, lots of fun and a learning curve. I met a lot of wonderful women. The girl who plays my daughter in the movie that we just did, we did a fashion show together a couple of years ago. Small world.

I knew for sure that I was a natural in front of the camera, as I was when I was a kid. Memorizing lines is not my forte. You just have to  keep reading it over and over. It’s great to have a daughter old enough to be my go to when I need to learn my lines.”

Joining Max Agency

“I finally took the leap to sign with Max Agency. That’s when I met Alec, my improv coach who believed in me and gave me the opportunity to take his classes.
I can’t even tell you the rush you get performing in front of strangers who I consider my family now. It’s really nice to finally belong to a group of people who get me. They all have similar stories. I’ve met so many wonderful people along the way.
When covid hit, it put a damper on my life. So I was going to make the most of the lock down. I decided to buy a guitar and start teaching myself how to play. I’m still learning, it’s a difficult instrument to play. I’ll get there one day. 
One thing I learned is to never let fear stand in your way of achieving your goals and dreams. I have a creative soul the world needs to see.”
Stella also writes poetry which she hopes to publish soon! “I just needed to vent at first. I didn’t want to keep a journal so I started writing poetry. One of my poems was published on social media site. It wasn’t one of my favourites but they really liked it.”

Stella kindly shared one of he rpoems with us:

The stars align.

They shine so bright.

This feeling inside she can’t describe.

Her heart explodes with emotions she’s never felt before.

Everything is coming up roses. Finally!

From a bleak existence, there was no hope in sight.

Until one day she broke the chains that bound her.

She took control of her destiny.

Life pushed her down but she pushed back harder.

You can’t knock her down.

She will always win.

She is a champion!


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Toronto Acting Agency – Talent spotlight – Max Agency actor and model- Stacy S.

Our talent spotlight today is all for Stacy S., Toronto actor and model! 

Stacy went to Claude Watson School for Performing Arts as a child and has been part of great theatre experiences. She is French-Canadian, which is something that she has recently found out about thanks to those trendy DNA tests! She has also lived in Tokyo, Japan for a year and in Westport, Ireland for ten!

Acting and modeling have been Stacy’s lifelong dream, but she was talked out of it more times than she can count. After a long time of not finding the right fit, “Max relit [her] passion for acting and  now it is a fire that can’t be extinguished “

Her dream role is to star in her own screenplay. She loves writing too! She would also love to star in a modern-day La Femme Nikita.

Stacy is fitness-oriented with a goal to improve her overall health and wellness. She has lost 65 lbs in the last year! She likes walking, yoga, and anything to do with nature and water.

She is also a visual artist/painter, Reiki Master, and a gardener.

What is the best advice that you have gotten about getting into this industry?

“Don’t take it personally.”

How has your experience with Max Agency been like?

“Max has given me the opportunity of a lifetime…feature film coming soon!”

Stacy shares her experience working with Max Agency

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