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How The Booking Process Works!

MAX Agency dives into the process of what takes place when an actor or model gets booked on a job.

MAX Agency is a successful model and talent agency in Toronto representing men, women and children. Max Agency is involved in providing actors, models and entertainers for the film, television, fashion and advertising industries as well as appearance in trade shows, promotions and special events.
Therefore, MAX knows a thing or two about the booking process on jobs for actors and models. For any talent new to our roster or thinking of joining our roster, we would like to explain the process so you are prepared for your first booking!
The first step before getting booked on a project is getting submitted for it. When you are with a talent agency such as MAX, your agent will do this for you. There is nothing you need to do for this unless the client is asking specifically for something such as a recent photo of yourself in addition to your portfolio images. Your agent will let you know if anything like this is needed.
Audition and Callbacks

Your agent will let you know when you have been called in to audition for a project. They will send you all the necessary information such as details about the project (commercial, photoshoot, new media, etc.), how you should dress, what sides to prepare for (your lines) along with the location and time of the audition. Confirm your attendance so the casting director is expecting you. Some jobs may require you to come in for a follow up audition but others do not.
Being Put “On Hold”
Majority of the time, before you get booked you will get put on a hold. What this means is that you are one of the finalists for the role and they want to ensure you are keeping the shoot dates open for them. This is very good news however not necessarily a booking. It is possible that you will get released from a hold instead of booked if you are not their first choice. However, being put on hold is still good news and means you must keep the given shoot dates open incase you are booked.
Confirmed Booking

If you do not get released from the hold then you get officially booked on the job! This is always very exciting news to hear from your agent.
Booking Details
Your agent will send you the booking details sometime before the shoot which will include your call time, the set location, wardrobe or makeup requests, on set contact information and any other relevant information. Make sure to study these notes carefully to ensure you get to set at the appropriate time and everything runs smoothly.
Day of Shoot

Being on set can be an intimidating experience but always very fun as well. Make sure to show up on time and be prepared. You got booked for a reason so just make sure to show off your talent! Follow direction and always be respectful. 

You should receive your payment for the shoot a few weeks to a few months later. Keep in touch with your agent on when you are able to pick up your cheque. Then enjoy what you’ve earned!
Extended Usage
Every once and a while, a company will want to extend the usage of the work they paid you for.  For example, maybe the original usage of a project was 1 year. The next year comes around and they want to keep using your images instead of paying to have another photoshoot done. That means you will get paid again for the same work you already did. While this does not happen all the time, it is pretty amazing when it does!
On to the next job
Just like that you have completed your first booking and are onto auditioning for the next gig! Each time you will get more comfortable with the process and be a little further in your modelling or acting career.

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