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A Guide On How To Stay Safe This Halloween

Max Agency is a successful model and talent management agency in Toronto and a lot of the talent we represent are children.  As Halloween is in less than a week, we thought we’d share some safety tips for all the parents of children going out trick-or-treating! We want the talent on our roster to stay safe this Halloween!

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#1. Walk on the sidewalks, not the roads.

While it may be tempting to be running back and forth across the roads to visit houses on both sides of the street, make sure your children are staying on the sidewalks.  While it is a special day, there are still people driving on the roads who may not see your children in time.  If you must cross the street, wait until you are at a street corner and be sure to look both ways!

#2. Have an adult present while trick-or-treating.

If your child is still under the age of 12, make sure you are going out with them or another adult you trust is. Young children need supervision especially at night when interacting with strangers.

#3. Keep the costumes safe.

Some ways to keep kids’ costumes safe include avoiding masks, keeping them light coloured if possible, and making sure the costumes fit to avoid trips or falls. Making kids carry a flashlight or other glow in the dark items is also a smart idea.

#4. Dress warm.

It is officially fall and the weather is getting cooler. Even though it may not necessarily go with the costume, make sure your child is layering up. Whether that is wearing a sweater on top of their costume or long sleeves under, make sure your kids are staying warm!

#5. For children: do not go into a stranger’s home.

Do not allow your children to enter a stranger’s home and if you are not with your child when trick-or-treating, make sure to teach them not to do so!

#6. Do not let your kids eat any candy before they get home.

Do not allow your children to consume any of their treats before you get home so you can properly inspect it and ensure they are safe. Also, instill that message into your kids who are trick-or-treating on their own so they stay safe as well.

#7. Put your child’s name, address and phone number on their costumes.

In case you get separated from your child, it doesn’t hurt to attach your information to them so whoever finds them can return them to you safely.

#8. Bring a cellphone with you.

As a parent you should always have a cellphone on you in case of an emergency. If you have a child trick-or-treating on their own, make sure they have one as well.

We hope everyone has a safe Halloween!

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