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MAX Actors Auditioning for New Commercial!

MAX Agency is a successful Toronto acting agency representing men, women and children. MAX provides talent for the film, television, fashion and advertising industries.

We are proud to share that a group of our talent have received auditions for Project Health Insurance (Commercial). This is an exciting project that would be filming in Vancouver!


Lorne M.                                       Godfrey C.                                   Dorrel B.

See more auditions here!

Good luck, everyone! These 3 land many auditions with MAX so we know they’ll do a great job!

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Showcase Saturday – Dorrel B!

Welcome back to Showcase Saturday here at Max Agency —  a successful Toronto talent management agency in Canada representing menwomen and children.

This week we will be featuring the hardworking and driven, Dorrel B!

An introduction to Dorrel:

“I am Jamaican by birth but now I am living in Canada, soon to receive my citizenship. Prior to moving to Canada, I have lived in America for several years and for a short while in England. I am a Paralegal and major in business, corporate and immigration law.”

How he got involved in modelling/acting:

“I always thought modelling/acting was for much younger people, like people in their twenties or early thirties. I never thought anyone forty or over would be accepted into the industry, but my wife Arlene and my sister Sharon kept telling me to give it a try. My wife one day jokingly submitted my application to a few modelling agencies and sure enough in less than 30 minutes the phone kept ringing (smile) from a few agencies but I chose Max Agency and the rest is history.”

His experience with MAX so far:

“I must say my experience working with Max has been pretty awesome and wonderful. I have learned so much about the industry through Max and I am very grateful and really appreciate the experience.

I was booked to participate in shooting the Jessie Reyes music video “Body Count”, this was not my first video shoot, but it was “awesome” and remains to date my most memorable experience on a shoot.”

Watch the video below:

How Dorrel spends his free time:

“I love the outdoors, I mean I am a literal fanatic for wild life, water, trees, visiting parks, hiking, swimming, hitting the gym and going to the movies. I love to read (non-fictions) and very eclectic when it comes to music.”

Best advice for someone starting in the industry?

“I have seen, heard and learned a lot from working in the modelling /acting industry so far and my word of advice to anyone in the business or planning on coming into the business is don’t take anything said or done at auditions or on set personal. Once you have learned to master that art then you are on your way to success.”

Final thoughts:

“You are never too old or too young to discover the wealth of talent and skills that you have. Don’t judge yourself base on race, ethnicity or colour, just believe in yourself and God and just do you…the modelling/ acting world awaits your arrival.”

These are truly wise words from Dorrel! Some of our most successful talent are over 30 or over 50 even! Don’t let age scare you from pursuing modelling or acting if that is something you are considering taking up.

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Max Agency is a successful model and talent management agency in Canada representing men, women and children. Max Agency is involved in providing actors, models and entertainers for the film, television, fashion and advertising industries as well as appearance in trade shows, promotions and special events.

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