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Showcase Saturday – Jahziye C!

Welcome back to Showcase Saturday here at Max Agency —  a successful Toronto talent management agency in Canada representing menwomen and children.

This week we will be featuring the smart and sporty, Jahziye C!

An introduction to Jahziye:

“I’m a Jamaican-Canadian genius/rising soccer star! I was born in Canada and I recently moved from Richmond Hill to Alliston where I now attend grade 4. Last year my grade 3 teacher recommended I take a genius test and I surpass my age and grade in academics.”

“I enjoy reading Diary of a Wimpy Kid and have read over 5 of the novel series in 1 week! I love flying on airplanes – I’ve been to Miami (2x), Orlando, and Barcelona. I have upcoming trips to France, Atlanta, Holland, and Portugal all for soccer!”

How he got into modelling/acting:

“Well, it was my moms idea. I never thought about it before but I had a lot of fun at my 1st photoshoot. I know it will be fun!”

Favourite things to do in spare time:

“Soccer is my passion – I’ve competed in local, national, and international tournaments. I play with my own age group (U9) as well as a year up (U10). 520 keep-ups is my highest record and I’m working towards juggling the ball more than my dads record of 800. I also like to draw characters from Sonic, play video games on
my PS4 or ipad.”

Best advice he’s received:

“My mom told me to be myself because I’m loveable!”

Other interesting facts:

“I’m finally getting what I been asking for – a baby brother !”

At Max we look to represent talent such as Jahziye who have multiple talents and interests! Having special talents outside of acting can actually help you land jobs!

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