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Tip Tuesday: Utilize Your Space During Auditions

#TipTuesday is a series MAX Agency — one of the top Toronto talent agencies  — does every week where we share helpful tips for the industry. This could be tips on auditions, bookings, beauty, fashion and more!

This week’s tip is: Master Your Space During Auditions!

When you enter the audition room, take your space into consideration. Stand a reasonable distance away from the casting director, usually around 4-12 feet. You want to be close enough so the other people in the room can hear you and see your whole body. 


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You also want to fill the space you’re given. Stand up straight with your head held high. Good posture and personality will really allow you to fill the empty space with your presence. If physically moving your body is appropriate for the scene, go for it. However, moving around too much will be a distraction from your performance so keep it minimal.

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#TipTuesday: Keep Your Look Simple For Modelling Auditions

#TipTuesday is a series Max Agency — one of the top Toronto modeling agencies  — will be doing every week where we share helpful tips for the industry! This could be tips on auditions, bookings, beauty, fashion and more!

This week’s tip is: Keep your look simple when going in for modelling auditions.

Clients like a blank canvas to work with. Keep your makeup light and wear plain, tight fitting clothes so they can see what you naturally look like. Take out all piercings and cover tattoos.

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10 Tips For Raising a Child Actor or Model

Happy Universal Children’s Day. Since MAX is a talent agency that represents many Toronto child actors/models, we thought we’d put together a list of some tips to follow if you are raising one!

#1. Don’t let your child audition unprepared

As the parent of a child auditioning, it is your responsibility to ensure that your child is as prepared as they can be. If there are lines or sides to memorize, make sure they know them. If they are asked to dress a certain way for the audition, make sure they are in proper attire.

#2. Stay relaxed

Your nerves or agitation will affect your child’s nerves as well. Stay as calm as you possibly can so your child will be on their best behaviour too when they go in to audition. You also don’t want to make a bad impression as a parent because casting directors may remember that and not want to work with a difficult parent.

#3. They must have energy

Your child must bring their own unique energy to a performance for the best results. Don’t necessarily just have them perform the script exactly as is, let them add a bit of themselves into it so they really stand out against all of the other kids auditioning. They have to shine!

#4. Put them in professional acting classes

The best way to ensure your child can meet the standards is enrolling them in professional acting classes. This allows them to practice their craft and be coached by a professional. It will allow them to get over the natural nerves they have and be a better performer. It also gives them the chance to interact with other actors.

#5. Get them involved in activities to improve their abilities

Getting your child involved in activities such as school plays and community theatre are key ways to improve their chances for auditions. The child gets more comfortable performing for a crowd and rids them of their shyness. You can also consider dance classes, sports or other activities!

#6. Do not overstep boundaries with casting directors

You can not take casting director’s decisions personally. Whenever there’s a rejection, accept their decision and move on. Do not nag them, asking what your child did wrong as it will just make a bad impression. They do not have time to respond to every upset parent. It is most likely that your child will not be as affected by it as you and are able to move on easily so you should too!

#7. Do not try to control them

Do not force your child to do anything they don’t want to do. If you notice your kid is not enjoying the auditioning/acting process as much as they used to, check in with them and see if this is still something you should be doing. The happiness of the child always comes first.

#8. Must be willing to dedicate your own time

As a parent of a child actor or model, you must be willing to make sacrifices and be flexible with your time. There will be a lot of travelling to and from auditions along with taking time off of work for their shoots which a parent must be present for. As your child is not capable of being completely independent, you must be supportive of whatever they need to be successful.

#9. Must be willing to invest in it

When starting out in the business, you have to be willing to invest in it a bit. As mentioned before, paying for acting classes and the gas getting to auditions. In addition, you will have to pay for professional photos/headshots to be done and you may have to take smaller paying gigs at first. In the long run, your investments should pay off as your child starts to get more work.

#10. Stay organized

Similar to the point of being flexible, you must also be extremely organized. You must keep track of auditions, bookings, classes, extracurricular activities, etc. It is your responsibility to get your child to auditions and shoots on time, in proper wardrobe and with lines memorized!

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