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Toronto Acting Agency – Talent Spotlight – Gloria S.

Our Talent Spotlight of the day is actress, Gloria S.

Gloria has had a pair of figure skates on her feet since she was 5 years old. It started out as a recreational activity, and after graduating high school, she wanted to do something more interesting than working as a bank teller. 

Gloria S. – Toronto Acting Agency – Toronto Talent Agency

“My skating coach took me to audition for the world-famous Ice Capades and as they say, the rest is history. I would consider those years touring as my college days and I wouldn’t trade that time for anything else.  For 5 years, I toured throughout the US and Canada skating in most of the major cities, bonding with my lifelong castmates”.

Gloria lived in Los Angeles for many years, managing the Dupree Dance Academy, working at Paramount Pictures in the TV production office when Happy Days, Laverne & Shirley, Mork & Mindy, were popular. She was also working in the hotel industry at the time.

Gloria S – Toronto Acting Agency – Toronto Talent Agency

Her lifelong occupation has been as an admin assistant. She has utilized her experience and knowledge to keep her Ice Capades alumni in touch with each other. She organized 2 reunions in Las Vegas with about 500 people attending each event. She also publishes a monthly newsletter and runs a website as well.

Gloria is now happily retired but she still hasn’t taken off her skates yet. While it is now mostly recreational, she is happy to still be on her feet and getting out there for the exercise and to enjoy the company of other seniors.

Gloria S – Toronto Acting Agency – Toronto Talent Agency

“I am over 75 years old and we need to keep active, When I can, there is also line dancing and finally learning how to tap dance.  I have been a volunteer at the Toronto Zoo for the past 10 years.  My current ‘hobby’ if you want to call it that, is working on jigsaw puzzles.  It certainly keeps my mind active and teaches me not to give up, no matter how long it takes to complete the puzzle.  One took me a month to finish”.

“I consider myself an active senior and do surprise people when I tell them how old I actually am.  I want to keep going for as long as I am able and hope I can encourage people to keep a positive attitude as they grow older.”

Gloria S – Toronto Acting Agency – Toronto Talent Agency

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how to self tape

Dos and Don’ts in shooting a self-taped audition.

We have provided simple guidelines below to help you produce great self-tapes. 




  • Be professional and prepared when you tape yourself. Treat this audition the same as you would if you were physically in the room with the casting director. 


  • Record your audition in front of a solid coloured curtain or a blank wall. Too much clutter in the background can distract from your performance. Also, be aware your outfit should not blend or contrast with the colour of your backdrop. 


  • Find a quality reader. Make sure your reader stands behind the camera, to ensure your focus and positioning is towards the camera. Your reader should not be seen on camera unless requested. 




  • Don’t use a webcam, we recommend using a digital camcorder that fits your budget and have a peer operate the camera for you. 


  • Overhead fluorescent lights create deep shadows on your face which can make you look aged or change your appearance completely. Ideally, use two incandescent lights (bulbs with filaments). One as a key light, set to the opposite side of the camera a little farther away and pointed at your face.  If you are filming in a bigger space and need more lighting, set a second light opposite side of the camera, pointed at your side. 


  • Castings has requested a certain number of takes and/or scenes. Doing more than is asked could be considered presumptuous by the casting director. Don’t do more than the castings has asked for. 


Basic three-point studio lighting 





Equipment recommendations for recording your self tape.


Digital Camcorder, Full HD 270° Rotation 1080P 16X High Definition Digital Camcorder Video DV Camera (US Plug Black)





Emart 60 LED Continuous Portable Photography Lighting Kit for Table Top Photo Video Studio Light Lamp with Color Filters