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top Toronto model Agency’s Quick tips for building confidence

An important quality to possess to be successful in the acting and modeling industry is confidence. We are sharing 5 quick tips to boost your confidence. 

  1. As kids, we have big dreams and we believe that we can conquer the world. As we are exposed to different influences while going through life, we begin to develop self-limiting beliefs. Discover your inner child again by pushing through uncomfortable situations. You will be amazed at all that you are capable of!
  2. When those bad memories of times that you were uncomfortable comes back to haunt you, try to see it in a new perspective, in a more positive light. Turn the bad memories into positives!

3. Tell yourself encouraging words. An effective mental hack is to convince yourself that you can accomplish that daunting task. 

4. Have a list of 5 things that make you happy. whenever you have negative thoughts, remind yourself of them to boost your mood.

5. Face your fears. Start small and do something that scares you regularly. Each time that you face a fear, you will be less scared of the next  and you will feel more confident for the auditions that you are anxious about.

Go on and live your dreams! 

MAX Agency is a successful Toronto modelling agency representing menwomen and children. MAX has been successfully providing Talent for the Film, Television, Fashion and Advertising industries as well as appearance in trade shows, promotions and special events for over 20 years. 

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Investing in Our Talent – Free Audition Technique Classes

MAX Agency prides itself on its ability to provide full training for its Models and Actors. All talent on our roster over the age of 8 years old receive full training in Audition Technique involving  monologue training and skits, operating with confidence and more. The classes are taught by prestigious acting coaches with extensive industry experience and are based out of The Talent Academy. Here’s a summary of what MAX Agency offers at no cost to you. These classes span 4 consecutive Sundays for two hours each class.

Week 1: Introduction to Acting

Basic script analysis (the W’s)

Acting is being / Introduction to improv

Slating, personality slate, hitting your mark, using the camera to your advantage

Overcoming self-conciousness / Learning to de-mistify “the room”

Learn how to break down a commercial script

Cold reading a commercial script with critique and re-direct

Week 2: Commercial at Performance Level

Learn why certain actors “book” consistently, and how to become one of them

Tricks and tools for “S.O.C” auditions using improv techniques

Tape and review “off book” (memorized) commercials

Working with props/products

Week 3: Scene Study

Work with a partner on a scene

Us the principles of intention/obstacles/tactics

Explore objectives

Tape and review monologues with critique and re-direction

Week 4: Performance Review

Perform both your commercial and your scene; receive feedback and a DVD of your best work

Teacher evaluation

Next steps: Reading lists, advice on resume, cover letters, etc