Showcase Saturday – Vail K!

Welcome back to Showcase Saturday here at Max Agency — one of the top Toronto modeling agencies in Canada representing menwomen and children.

This week we will be featuring the lovely and driven, Vail K.!

Vail was born and raised in Orangeville, Ontario. Her friends would describe her as funny, quirky and smart.

Ever since she was young, Vail never really felt like she was good at anything in particular, even though she would try sport after sport. From a young age, she knew that she didn’t want a regular 9 to 5 job like everyone else.

She wanted to do something she was good as and that she enjoyed doing. Vail excelled in drama class and would even get annoyed when her classmates did not take the plays seriously. That is why she decided to pursue acting professionally by signing with MAX.

Vail spends most of her time working her part-time job and still attending her last year of secondary school. During her free time, she likes to be with her friends and family.

She is hoping her time comes soon to begin working and experiencing more of the acting and modeling world!

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