Spin Master Toys and MAX Agency Toronto

I dont know if this project could be any more fun?! MAX Agency’s own Christian, Juliana, Bianca, Jasmine and Jana are auditioning for an internal video with Spin Master Toys. For this audition they will be playing with a few different toys and having fun on camera.

Spin Master Toys has been around since 1994. Spin Master Toys started when three university friends set out to build a business with $10,000. Best known for Devil Sticks, Grow Things, Chatter Rings and The Air Shark,  Spin Master has become an internationally recognized company, developing and distributing toy and kids’ consumer products around the world. The company’s success has stemmed largely from its willingness to take risks, its ability to blend in-house creativity with innovative partnerships, and above all, its track record of marketing great, fun and high quality products.

Sounds like a tough gig kids! MAX Agency Toronto wishes best of luck to all of you at your audition! Don’t we all wish that work could always be this much fun!

Snap, Crackle and Pop at MAX Agency Toronto

Who doesn’t know the infamous jingle, “Snap, Crackle, Pop Kelloggs Rice Krispies!”

Kelloggs Rice Krispies is looking for the next new adorable face for their Print campaign. We have two of MAX Agency’s finest, Haissam and Colby up for the part.

Besides for being a house hold name and providing nutritious, high-quality foods, Kelloggs Canada is committed to educating consumers and health professionals about nutrition and healthy active living through responsible packaging, brochures, advertising and scientific symposia.

Like us, Kelloggs also prides themselves on being a good neighbour and a responsible member of the community.

So not only do they do great things, but they taste great and are one of the most entertaining cereals on the market. Best of luck Haissam and Colby we hope you Snap, Crackle and Pop to the top with this audition!

Lip Smacking at MAX Agency Toronto

The Bonne Bell Company has been exciting lips with Lip Smacker, the WORLD’S favorite flavored lip gloss, since 1973. For their latest Print and On-line campaign they are looking for a fun, funky, innocent, but very cool girl. MAX Agency’s very own Krischelle is up for the audition, and we most certainly know that she is all of the above. This audition is a big deal because Bonne Bell is a leader in the cosmetic industry in Canada.

The Bonne Bell Company has been a family-owned company since 1927. Jesse G. Bell started the cosmetic company and named it after his daughter. He directed the company toward the youth market from the very beginning, long before other cosmetic companies viewed this as trendy. Today the company is still family owned and still dedicated to all young girls. The goal of The Bonne Bell Company is to encourage young women to express their inner beauty as well as their outer beauty. The Bonne Bell Company believes that freedom of self-expression is beautiful.

MAX Model Krischelle has what it takes, she’s beautiful in and out, best of Luck with the Audition!


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