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Toronto Talent Agency – Toronto Modeling Agency – Tip Tuesday – Crying on Cue

Crying on cue shows how good of an actor you are because it is a sign that you have good control of your emotional instrument. Here are our tips on how to turn on the waterworks.

Toronto Talent Agency – Toronto acting agency – Tip Tuesday – Crying on Cue
  1. Drink Water

You do not want to be dehydrated when you need to produce tears. Make sure that you have enough fluids in your system to activate your tear ducts.

2. Focus on the Scene and Personal Experiences

If all of your focus is on trying to cry, you wont. Instead, concentrate on the emotions in the scene, relate it to real personal experiences that create similar emotions for you, and let it come naturally to you.

3. Think Outside of the Script

Create a backstory for your character that will help you to reach the emotions that you need to cry.

4. Do Not Force Tears

If despite those tips tears do not come naturally, do not force yourself so as to avoid overacting. You ar trying to achieve those tears to be a good actor, but not when it could do the opposite for you. The goal is to create a vulnerable moment and it has to look authentic.

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7 tips to give a great audition – Toronto Acting agency

Auditions can be nerve-wracking. Some can hide their nerves well, while others make it very obvious. Here are 7 tips to make your audition stand out. 

Toronto Acting Agency, Max Agency actors practicing their craft at Studio West

1. Confidence

If you dont believe in your skills, no one else will. The audition begins as soon as you enter the room. Maintain relaxed body language and good eye contact. Walk in the room with your head up, good posture, focus, and relaxed. Be prepared and know your lines well. Show the casting team that they can trust you when you put you on a stage or in front of a camera.

2. Prepare your Character

Show your interpretation of who the character that you playing is. Think of 3 personality traits that you think the character has and write them at the top of the script. What is the characters body language like? How do they speak? Being very clear on who it is you are playing will calm your nerves.

3. Know the Scene

What is your character dealing with in the scene? Use your nervousness to put into how your character deals with the situation. Be confident in what the conflict is and what your characters objective is. It will affect the tone, rhythm, and inflection of your lines.

4. Focus

Breathe before you start a scene. Quiet your mind and focus. Commit to the character, the words, and the moment. Its not enough to know the lines, you have to believe them.

5. Connection to the other character

Make eye contact with the reader. Who is their character? What is their relationship with yours? Practice active listening and react as if you are hearing them for the first time. It should feel like you are the only two people in the room.

6. Be clear with your choices

There is always more than one more to play a character. Make a decision based on your character and be flexible in case you are directed to make adjustments.

7. Show personality

Showing your authentic self makes auditions stand out. Everyone in that audition is reading the same lines. Your own spin is what creates magic to make your performance unique.

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MAX Agency is a successful Toronto acting agency representing menwomen, and children. MAX Agency is involved in providing actors, models, and entertainers for the film, television, fashion, and advertising industries.

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Toronto Acting agency- Dos and Don’ts of shooting a Self-tape audition

Dos and Don’ts in shooting a self-taped audition.

We have provided simple guidelines below to help you produce great self-tapes. 



  • Be professional and prepared when you tape yourself. Treat this audition the same as you would if you were physically in the room with the casting director. 


  • Record your audition in front of a solid coloured curtain or a blank wall. Too much clutter in the background can distract from your performance. Also, be aware your outfit should not blend or contrast with the colour of your backdrop. 


  • Find a quality reader. Make sure your reader stands behind the camera, to ensure your focus and positioning is towards the camera. Your reader should not be seen on camera unless requested. 




  • Don’t use a webcam, we recommend using a digital camcorder that fits your budget and have a peer operate the camera for you. 


  • Overhead fluorescent lights create deep shadows on your face which can make you look aged or change your appearance completely. Ideally, use two incandescent lights (bulbs with filaments). One as a key light, set to the opposite side of the camera a little farther away and pointed at your face.  If you are filming in a bigger space and need more lighting, set a second light opposite side of the camera, pointed at your side. 


  • Castings has requested a certain number of takes and/or scenes. Doing more than is asked could be considered presumptuous by the casting director. Don’t do more than the castings has asked for. 

Equipment recommendations for recording your self tape.


Digital Camcorder, Full HD 270° Rotation 1080P 16X High Definition Digital Camcorder Video DV Camera (US Plug Black)





Emart 60 LED Continuous Portable Photography Lighting Kit for Table Top Photo Video Studio Light Lamp with Color Filters

Basic three-point studio lighting 

MAX Agency is a successful Toronto modeling agency representing menwomen, and children. MAX has been successfully providing talent for the film, television, fashion, and advertising industries as well as appearance in trade shows, promotions, and special events for over 20 years.

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