4 Tricks to Manage Frizzy Hair

Spent time and effort to perfectly style your hair for it to end up frizzy as soon as you walk out the door? There are a few tips and tricks that you can use to minimize this issue. 

Tips to avoid hair frizz this winter – model agency Toronto – Toronto talent agency

1. Prevent Frizz Before It Happens

It is a lot more effective to prevent frizz before styling. Use oils and serums on wet hair. It makes hair smoother and helps your style hold better.

2. Treat Hair Damage

Damages hair is more likely to get frizzy. Treating the damage will help to keep your hair looking sleek. Using less bleach, always using heat-protectant before heat styling, and choosing less harsh heat stylers are a few ways that you lessen the damage.

3. Use a Heated Brush to Cover Up Frizz

Even after your hair has become frizzy, it is not too late to rectify it, ot atleast cover it. Try smoothing out the top layer with a heated brush. It will cover hte frizz underneath and refresh the look of your hair. 

4. Go for an up-do when outdoors

Put your hair up in a twisted bun or a loose braid when you are outdoors. Once you are back indoors, you will have beautiful waves when you undo the style. You may also use some dry shampoo on the roots in case of flat roots. 

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