What’s in YOUR make up bag?

Ladies, in this industry, its important to carry around a makeup bag for any occasion. Being prepared for any circumstance shows great organization skills. For example, if your MUA is late or unavailable, you can do yourself up the best you can with your own make up. Or if your MUA can’t seem to find a match for your skin tone with foundation, you can just use your own. Or if you prefer to use your own make up you could certainly do that. Or if you need to do touch ups yourself etc. Usually, MUA’s are professional and these instances are the very worst case scenario. Plus, MUA’s like to use their own make up brand so you can show case it to the public and then people can ask where you got your make up done. Great publicity But like I said, it’s always good to be prepared.

So here are some essential items to have in your make up bag:

1. A gentle make up remover. (I recommend suggest facial wipes but cotton buds and tissues are good too)

2. Face moisturizer (make sure that your moisturizer isn’t too oily. The oil shows during photo shoots and video shoots).

3. Make up brushes! It’s good to have a kit of all the different brushes.

4. Lip moisturizer (blistex or vaseline is a good choice here), lip sticks and lip liners.

5. Contour, blushes, and concealers.

6. Eye shadow palettes. Make sure to have a variety of choices, from natural to smoky!

7. Natural foundations and primers. Its good to have eye primers and skin primers. Usually you can find foundations that have primers built into them already.

8. Suncreen. SPF is very important! But its hard to blend a very oily and creamy sunscreen with your make up so I recommend getting a foundation or face primer that includes a good amount of SPF in it. That way, it’ll blend and protect you at the same time.

9. Mascara, eye liner, fake lashes.

10. Nail polish. Usually, nails should be natural. But in the event that your nails should be painted, bring a nude colour and a bold colour like red. You never know.

The following aren’t make up items but they should be included in your make up bag:

11. Hair spray and dry shampoo.

12. Hair elastics, bobby pins, hair straightener and hair curler.

13. Tweezers and an eye brow brush.

These items are basics to start with, but if you have anything else you think is important and you wish to add, by all means go for it! The more the merrier.