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MAX’s talent spotlight is for Temperance B.

Temperance was born in Cobourg, Ontario with Hungarian heritage on her father’s side. She was a creative little girl with a colorful personality who would write and create stories. She would do short skits with her family’s video camera every Christmas. 

Toronto Talent Agency – Toronto Acting Agency – Temperance B.

Temperance attended Durham College where she studied journalism and office administration. While living in Durham with her grandmother at the time, she entered the Miss Budapest contest at the local Hungarian Pavilion in Oshawa and was runner-up. 

Temperance suffers from reflex sympathetic dystrophy RSD also known as complex regional pain syndrome and has been doing lidocaine IV treatments regularly to manage the pain. This has allowed her to get back to an active lifestyle and she chose to continue doing gymnastics and martial arts.

Having found this second chance, she is now living life fully taking on projects, and has started a daily vlog called Raw and Real with Temperance. She has also begun Temperance Warrior, a supportive community for women focused on fitness and spirituality. 


Toronto acting agency Toronto talent agency – Temperance B.
MAX: What is the best advice that you have received about getting into the industry?
Temperance: “The best advice I have received is to absolutely own your authenticity. Never be apologetic for who you are. Stand your ground
 Own it, love it, live it.”

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