Tip Tuesday – Connections!

#TipTuesday is a series MAX Agency — one of the top Toronto talent agencies  — does every week where we share helpful tips for the industry. This could be tips on auditions, bookings, beauty, fashion and more!


Whether it be your personal, family or work life, making connections with others is imperative for success.


Especially within the talent industry, making positive connections with others will help you in the long run.  Regardless of who the person you meet is, you never know when a positive relationship will benefit you.


People often discuss how who you know is important; that is true.  The person you smiled to and had small talk with may be able to help you in the future. 

While many people struggle with being outgoing or “putting themselves out there”, this doesn’t have to be daunting. 


For example, making positive first impressions is easy.  Be mindful of your mannerisms.  Ask yourself: Are you approachable?  Are you smiling?  What’s your body language like?

Whether it’s small talk with another talent at an audition or simply presenting yourself in a positive manor in an audition, these little things really can help you in the future.


Remember to always be mindful of how you come across to others! 


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