Talent Showcase Saturday – Alyssa M.

Welcome back to Showcase Saturday here at MAX Agency —  a successful Toronto acting agency representing men, women and children.


This week we’ll be showcasing a uniquely talented member of our roster Alyssa M!

Who she is

When Alyssa was a child, she dreamt of becoming a model.  She was fascinated with the print models featured in Sears catalogues and the women on television.  She had her children at a young age after high school, and that passion to follow that path ended.  However, since her children are now at an older age, Alyssa has decided to follow that dream.  She’s grateful for MAX Agency giving her the tools and platforms to pursue her passions.  

“How did you get into modelling/acting?”

She began to use Instagram a lot, posting images from her own photography of nature and animals.  Alyssa’s husband began taking photos of her and she would post them as well.  From that platform, she received a lot of positive feedback from both photographers and modelling agencies.  That feedback led to more confidence in her ability to try out the industry.  Alyssa then reached out to different agencies, ending up signing with MAX Agency. 

His Experience with MAX Agency

“Every moment has been incredible from meeting with Stephanie [booking agent] and being submitted right away to auditions.”


She loves to go hiking and explore the outdoors with her husband of 22 years; they were high school sweethearts!  They go kayaking, paddle boarding, etc.

Years ago Alyssa had been in a traumatic car accident with a long recovery period.  From not being able to walk and finally rehabilitating herself, she realized that you have to go out and have new experiences and explore.  

Her Dream Role

Alyssa has her own goal list of different things she wishes to accomplish within the modelling industry: 

  • To be represented (accomplished)
  • To be published (accomplished)
  • An underwater shoot
  • To do shoots with animals 
  • To do more runway 
  • A bridal shoot 

She already has quite the experience from doing some runway and also doing a commercial for her friend’s coffee shop.  A bridal shoot would be very special to Alyssa as she’s never had a formal wedding and wants to wear a dress! 

Her passion is mainly modelling, however she believes that once she gets more of a taste of acting, she may gravitate towards it.  She believes every experience is more education and is excited to chase the journey. 

“Best advice for someone looking to get into the industry? or best advice you’ve received?”

    • This whole journey isn’t a race, it’s a marathon
    • Don’t expect things right away, pace yourself,
    • The worst thing people can do is say no


  • “Never give up chasing your dreams, it doesn’t have an expiry date”




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