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Max Agency Toronto Talent swamped with auditons this week.

Tuesday, October 25th, 2011
The week is off to a great start at MAX Agency Toronto with a variety of our talent auditioning for jobs.
First off, we would like to wish the best of luck to our six talented actors Susan, Nancy, Rebecca,Megan,
Mitchell and Mikk who will all be auditioning for various roles in a Project Digital Online Video.

Also auditioning this week is our young and talented Brook M. for the role of Cleo in a short film entitled
“The Intergalactic Space Adventures Of Cleo And Anouk.” Brook M’s quirkiness and confidence is sure to be
perfect for the role of Cleo, an eccentric nine-year-old self proclaimed  space adventurer.

We also have Sal, Joseph, Tommy and Hayden auditioning for a Heart and Stroke Foundation print ad.
These are just a few of the auditions our talent will be attending this week and we look forward
to reporting on their success!
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MAX Agency Toronto Talent spotlight: Kimoy Dixon

Friday, October 21st, 2011

MAX Agency Toronto is pleased to have Caribbean beauty Kimoy Dixon join us. Kimoy  is 21 years old and studying Hotel Management at George Brown College.

She was born and raised on the island of Bermuda and moved to Toronto almost a year ago. Kimoy enjoys spending her free time reading mystery books, writing poetry, cycling and cooking. She has  also spent about 12yrs dancing ballet, modern and liturgical dance.

After receiving many compliments and comments about looking into modeling, she finally decided to take a step into the industry.

Kimoy loves being in front of the camera, and having her picture taken. In the future she plans to finish school, advance in the modeling industry and open up her own business, preferably in the food and beverage industry.

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MAX Agency Toronto Featured New Talent: Dora

Thursday, October 20th, 2011

MAX Agency Toronto is excited to announce the addition of Dora Somody to the roster. Dora enjoys being with friends and family and has recently become very interested in Ecological Studies in which she hopes to one day peruse a career. Dora is interested in modeling and acting as  a fun way to meet new people and also become more social.

We look forward to reporting on Dora’s future success!

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MAX Agency Toronto: Insider Modeling Posing Tips

Tuesday, October 18th, 2011

It’s a common misconception that naturally beautiful models take naturally beautiful photographs. The truth is—without modeling poses and modeling tips, perfect photographs are harder than you think.

If you are a professional model, a photographer will most likely guide you through a variety of model poses throughout the photo shoot. But if you are an inspiring model and are still working your way up to the top—you may have to control your poses to ensure great headshots and sample modeling photographs.

Live show models, promo models, photographic models, and runway models all rely on professional model poses to succeed. Whether you aspire to appear in print magazines or fashion shows and Hollywood movies; if you want to be a model, pay special attention to this insider guide to modeling poses.

Although sometimes concentration enhances a good photograph, obvious concentration can distract and often ruin a good photograph as well. Do not hold your breath for a modeling pose; always remember to breathe and appear at ease.

Bad posture is an unrecognized flaw in many people. However, for models, posture is a harmful flaw. Always remember to keep your back straight and your shoulders up. Slouching affects the mood of the photograph and enlarges the appearances of your stomach. In addition to your back and shoulders, always remember to flex your stomach muscles. Despite your weight or state of shape, your abdomen will appear more toned if you flex.

Symmetry is officially out in the modeling world. When posing, make sure to differentiate your arms and legs with asymmetrical poses. If you have one arm long and straight by your side, make sure the other arm is bent. Whether a big or small angle, the bend will make the modeling pose look more real and less artificial. Continue the asymmetry to your legs. If one leg is locked straight, give the other leg a casual bend.

Although the camera is the ultimate focal point of a modeling photo shoot, great models do not look directly into the camera. To enhance the quality of your photo shoot, look away from the camera with a mix of head and eye poses. Looking off to the right or left side, or tiling your neck to either side can help you avoid direct eye contact with the camera. In many cases, your head and neck can remain stationary in your modeling pose—and your eyes can do all the work. Head and eye positions, coupled with personable facial expressions make for great model poses.

Sitting Poses
If you are sitting down during your photo shoot—don’t think it’s ok to slack off. In fact, sitting photo shoots require a lot of extra work. If you are sitting down or reclining, it’s important to put your eight on the back of one thigh, rather than distributing your weight equally on both thighs. If you roll one hip up from the ground or surface, shifting your weight will be simple. This pose results in a slimming effect that you don’t want to miss out on.

If you have a naturally beautiful smile—show your pearly whites with pride, just not every time. If you smile in each modeling pose, modeling agents will notice your lack of versatility, not your smile. To add variety to your modeling poses, try switching up your smile with a cute frown, a bratty bout, a friendly laugh, or even an edgy scowl. Your facial expressions can make or break your modeling poses. Let your smile show, but make sure to show what else you can do.

Keep these insider model posing tips in mind during your next professional model photo shoot to ensure you blow the photographer away. Whether you’re a trained expert or an ambitious beginner, all models have the ability to excel in photo shoots. Focus on your posture, attitude, and facial expressions to succeed beyond your wildest expectations.

MAX Agency Toronto models land jobs with the Shopping Channel

Tuesday, October 11th, 2011


 This week is off to a great start for MAX Agency Toronto with four modeling jobs to report on. Congratulations to Toronto models Susan, Nancy, Kristine and Regina who have all booked jobs with the Shopping Channel. 

The Shopping Channel is Canada’s only 24-hour broadcast retailer carrying common brand name items ranging from fashion to jewellery and household items that can be purchased either by telephone or online.

 Shooting for the show is set to start at the end of this week and we look forward to seeing our talented models on TV! 

With the holiday season right around the corner, MAX Agency Toronto talent are busier than ever with auditions. Think you have what it takes to be part of our agency this season? For more information visit or contact us at 416-482-5392

MAX Agency Toronto Model auditioning for Budweiser Print Ad

Friday, October 7th, 2011

We may not be sure of who to place our bets on for the Super Bowl just yet, but we can say that we’re confident MAX Agency Toronto model Valerie R. will be scoring a spot in the upcoming Budweiser Super Bowl print ad. 


Budweiser, an American style lager was introduced in 1876 and has become “ The King of Beer” in North America being one of the highest selling beers to date. Budweiser has had a strong presence in the marketing and advertising world since the 90’s with their iconic campaigns (remember the ‘Whassup?’ ad?) We are excited to see what their Super Bowl print ad will look like, and will be ever more excited to see Valerie in it. Best of luck Valerie!

Do you want to be in commercials? Max Agency is looking to expand our roster of Toronto models and Actors this season. For more imformation visit or contact us at 416-482-5392

MAX Agency Toronto talent auditioning for Future Shop commercial

Tuesday, October 4th, 2011

Even with summer  just a few weeks behind us, MAX Agency Toronto clients waste no time when looking to cast our talent for the upcoming holiday season. Mikk A. and Kay Dunkling are auditioning for roles as grandson and grandmother in an upcoming Future Shop commercial entitled “Gifts For Everyone.”

Founded in 1982, Future Shop is Canada’s largest consumer electronics retailer currently operating a total of 146 stores across Canada. 

Future Shop has always been known for their quirky and witty commercials and we look forward to reporting on Mikk and Kay’s audition.

Past Future Shop commercial:

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MAX Agency Toronto Talent Lisette P. lands a spot on The Bay’s runway

Thursday, September 29th, 2011

Congratulations to MAX Agency Toronto Talent Lisette P. who will be strutting down the cat walk in The Bay Fashion Show this season.

The Hudson’s Bay Company, North America’s oldest company, was established in 1881 with the opening of its first department store in Winnipeg, Manitoba. In 1964 stores were re-branded as simply ‘The Bay’ and expanded throughout Canada. The Bay currently has over 90 department stores that operate in Canada which focus on fashion apparel, accessories and home goods. The Bay’s flagship store is located right here in Toronto and features a department known as “The Room,’ carrying some of the most prestigious and expensive women’s designer labels in Canada such as Armani, Halston and Balmain.

Keep an eye out for Toronto Model Lisette this season!

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MAX Agency Toronto Talent books CHEVROLET VOLT commercial

Thursday, September 29th, 2011

Some things are certain: Canadians know a thing or two about hockey, and our Toronto Talent at Max Agency Toronto know how to book jobs. Congratulations to Toronto Actor Iain M who will be working alongside Canadian hockey legend Bobby Orr in an upcoming Chevrolet Volt commercial.

The Chevrolet Volt is a plug-in hybrid electric car that hit the United States’ market last December making it the most fuel efficient compact car sold in the U.S.

Earlier this month, the Volt made its Canadian debut at a ceremony in Oshawa where the first customer shipments of the vehicles were delivered.

We are thrilled to have Toronto Model Iain take part in welcoming this eco-concious car to Canada!

The Chevrolet Volt hits Canada

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All MAX Agency Talent must follow our Policies and Procedures

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