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Max Talent Books 2 Day Shoot

Congratulations to ADAM C. for booking a 2 day shoot! You’re unique look and amazing positivity will definitely help you while on set! Can’t wait to see the photos.

How to Pose for Photos – 6 Tips for Beginners

Here are 6 easy tips to remember for doing your first few photoshoots.  Simplicity is best. Don’t build up the session and over-practice in the beginning. An experienced photographer will give you some direction while letting you move naturally into poses that feel comfortable for you with only slight tweaks.  The most important thing to remember is to be confident. This will show and even amplify on camera.

  1. Avoid the Deer-in-the-Headlights Look: You may initially feel anxious as you embark on your first shoot. Beginners don’t know what to expect. Fear shows in the eyes first. So, try to avoid the scared look and soften your eyes. One good way to combat this is to squint your eyes until you begin to feel more relaxed. Your eyes will eventually relax as well.
  2. Move: Try not to get stuck in a pose for more than 3 seconds. A good photoshoot is like a flowing dance between you and the photographer. The truth is, the photographer will be capturing your transitions as well as your poses. Let them do their magic as you do yours. Move constantly and slightly, moving the angles of your head, shoulders, hips and shift your weight. Don’t forget to change your facial expression as well. Many new models produce photoshoots with the same default facial expression throughout the whole shoot. Let your photos show you in a variety of emotions and poses.
  3. Hand Placement: Keep in mind what you’re doing with your hands at all times. When you’re a beginner, your hands may be tense and this will show in photos as well. Awkward, stiff hands can ruin a photo when looking back at the details. If you’re holding onto something, like a necklace or jacket, make sure you are doing this gracefully and softly.
  4. Posture: Mother was right. And she still is. Make sure you have good posture to produce a model-like silhouette. This is one of the most important tenants of modeling.
  5. Asymmetrical Poses: Symmetrical poses are ok but often not that interesting. Include a few asymmetrical poses as well, as this looks more creative and artistic on camera.
  6. Don’t Always Look Straight Into the Camera: (There is an exception if you’re doing a photoshoot for your initial headshots or composite cards. Head-on angles are best for presenting yourself to a Casting Director in that case because they need to see your face clearly.) Otherwise, for an interesting shoot, looking away makes the viewer wonder “What is the model looking at? What is he or she thinking about?” It doesn’t need to be dramatic and far off into the distance – it can be slightly off camera.

MAX Agency’s Carson L Cast in Music Video

Young and adorable Carson L was cast in a music video for rapper D-Sisive. Carson will be playing the young version of Mineshine, D-Sisive’s life-long friend. Kudos to Carson for landing this role, which has had a huge influence on the rapper’s life and career. Stay tuned for the music video!

For more about D-Sisive and his work, visit his website.
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MAX Agency talent swamped with auditions this week


The week is off to a great start here at MAX Agency Toronto with many auditions to report on.

MAX Agency model Valerie R. will be auditioning for a spot in a Fantastic Hair Accessory commercial just in time for the holidays.

Our young talent Cody G. is auditioning for the role of a young male in a Canada Protection Plan commercial. Canada Protection Plan is one of Canada’s leading suppliers of life and health insurance and are know for their strong advertising presense.

We also have Rhyan V. auditioning for the role of a basketball played in a Tourism Toronto print ad.

We wish the best of luck all MAX talent who are busy auditioning this week and can’t wait to report on their success.

Think you have what it takes to be part of our roster? Visit www.maxagency.com to fill out an online application or contact us directly at 416 482 5392

MAX Agency feautured new talent: Ella

Max Agency Toronto would like to welcome Ella to our roster. Ella is a 7 year old beauty who shown interest in the industry for quite some time. After seeing Selena Gomez perform, Ella has been keen on following her footsteps. Ella has a mixed nationality of Macedonian, Indian and Portugese. She can speak Macedonian, too! When she’s not doing her schoolwork, Ella likes to play the guitar and write lyrics. Already a lead in Choir and taking piano and dance lessons, she is excited to join the industry! She does her best at everything and is ecstatic about her first booking!

Think you have what it takes to be a part of MAX’s roster? Visit www.maxagency.com to fill out an application or call directly at 416-482-5392

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MAX Agency Toronto Beauty Tip: Food solutions for your skin

Your skin truly reflects the old saying, “You are what you eat.” If you eat a healthy diet, full of fruits, vegetables, grains, and proteins, with less red meats and processed foods, your skin will look healthy. Your body is finely turned to absorb your nutrition from GI tract and then deliver that energy to your skin and other vital organs. However, there are some foods that actually work better on your skin.

Food fix for crow’s feet: Sweet potato and yogurt mash
Sweet potatoes are a brilliant source of so many good things. They are super high in vitamin A, which boosts collagen. They are a surprising source of minerals such as copper, which helps the formation of new collagen to reduce wrinkles. They are rich in selenium, and diminish the wrinkles. Boil the sweet potato for 20-30 minutes; mash with a fork or potato masher; stir in a quarter cup of full-fat plain yogurt; cool until comfortable to touch. The yogurt will exfoliate, calm and moisturize. Together, the sweet potato and yogurt will smooth and moisturize the skin, and the crow’s feet will look better right away.

Food fix for flakey skin: Avocado and honey
Flakey skin can be the result of dry skin. Mash the fruit of an avocado with one tablespoon of honey. When it is a paste-like consistency, spread over the dry, flakey areas and cover with the cool washcloth pre-soaked with green tea. The avocado is lush with fatty oils that will seal the skin surface and begin the healing process. Honey will exfoliate away the dead skin, protect against bacterial infections, and reduce inflammation. Leave this on for 10-20 minutes and wipe off gently.

Food Fix for Puffy Eyes: Tofu
The quickest trick is to place extra firm tofu patches, cut a half-inch thick, under each eye for 10 minutes a day for two weeks. The soy in tofu has been shown to increase collagen. Also, soy contains flavonoids that have been shown to decrease sun damage. Combined, these will smooth and heal the skin. The sheer weight of the tofu patch will help press the swelling out of the area. Bonus: Follow this by doing 40 jumping jacks to rev up your circulation and drain the puffiness away!

The week is off to a busy start for MAX Agency Toronto Talent


 As another busy week at Max begins we’ve got new and exciting auditions to report on. Two of our talented actors Shayla D. and Chelsea-Sarah are auditioning for primary roles in an independent short film entitled “Niagara.” The film takes place on an old boat and after the passengers and captain notice something suspicious ahead in the water the morning dawns and reveals only one woman left aboard. We wish the best of luck to our actors and are excited to see how this eerie films pans out.





Also auditioning this week are MAX Agency models Gina, Aggi, Natisha and Jessica for a Dairy Farmers Of Canada print ad. The group represents dairy farmers living on over 13,500 farms across Canada and is known for their strong advertising presence and we are thrilled for our models to have a chance to appear in a national ad.

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Max Agency Toronto Talent swamped with auditons this week.

The week is off to a great start at MAX Agency Toronto with a variety of our talent auditioning for jobs.
First off, we would like to wish the best of luck to our six talented actors Susan, Nancy, Rebecca,Megan,
Mitchell and Mikk who will all be auditioning for various roles in a Project Digital Online Video.

Also auditioning this week is our young and talented Brook M. for the role of Cleo in a short film entitled
“The Intergalactic Space Adventures Of Cleo And Anouk.” Brook M’s quirkiness and confidence is sure to be
perfect for the role of Cleo, an eccentric nine-year-old self proclaimed  space adventurer.

We also have Sal, Joseph, Tommy and Hayden auditioning for a Heart and Stroke Foundation print ad.
These are just a few of the auditions our talent will be attending this week and we look forward
to reporting on their success!
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