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Mikayla M.- Saturday Showcase!

Welcome back to our Saturday Showcase! This week we are excited to present to you a very energetic, ambitious and talented young woman!

Mikayla M. is a 22-year-old blue-eyed blond. And while she is, of course, beautiful, it’s her passions and attitude that really sets her apart.

Mikayla M

Mikayla is in her second year of study at George Brown College with dreams of working for a major health technology corporation in the future.

While she finishes her design degree,  Mikayla remains passionate about personal work building her portfolio and making a name for herself in the user experience and user interface design field. check out some of her work here!

Mikayla M

“I enjoy working on personal projects and keeping very busy. I think being busy (with balance of course) is the way-of-life that works best for me, that way I’m always accomplishing things and growing as a person.”

And that drive is evident in her daily routine. Wake up at 5:00 a.m., then either head to work or the gym for a workout to wake up her body and mind. She follows this with a healthy breakfast and planning the rest the rest of her day. “I’m obsessed with organization, so lists are how I keep myself in order.”

Mikayla M

“If I had to choose a life philosophy, it would be one that my dad passed down which is “do something instead of nothing.” I kid you not, I tried to run and hide from this now very meaningful saying, but I truly feel the healthiest mentally and physically than ever in my 22 years.”

Mikayla and Friend

When Mikayla is not on her professional grind, you can most likely catch her at the gym kicking butt, reading a book, walking around listening to music and enjoying the sun, planning fun dates or just relaxing and catching up on Netflix.

She plans on spending the summer catching the sun and working on an internship in her chosen field. We at MAX have every ounce of believe that Mikayla will continue to do great things! All the best!

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MAX Agency’s Ariana Auditions for Travel & Escape – Real Family Vacations

The adorable Ariana A will be auditioning for Travel & Escape!

A reality television series for Travel & Escape features real families on vacation or a trip that will be entirely captured by the family itself. Families will capture every moment of their vacation, from packing their luggage and leaving home to departing the vacation and returning home, along with the trials and tribulations they face on their journey.

We at MAX Agency wish you luck and hope to see you on TV, Ariana!

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