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Toronto Talent Agency- Talent Spotlight- Tobe o.

Today’s talent spotlight is Tobe O.

He was born in Houston, Texas and he has Nigerian roots. Tobe is 16 years old and is in 11 grade at Cardinal Carter Catholic high school.


He started modeling when he discovered Max Agency through social media. He had heard of the agency through his friends, so he decided to give it a try!

While his dream role is to be in a Marvel movie, he has booked a web video and the clients/casting liked him so much that they requested to book him a second time!

 Tobe likes to play sports such as basketball and volleyball, hanging out with friends, and playing games here and there.

How has been your experience with Max Agency?

” So far I’ve had a pretty good experience with Max and it’s been fun. One memorable moment was the acting classes and getting to meet all these new people. “

What is the best advice that you got about getting into the industry?

“The best advice I’ve received about getting in the industry has been to try to remain natural and allow myself to flow into a role .”

MAX Agency is a successful Toronto acting agency representing men, women, and children. MAX Agency is involved in providing actors, models, and entertainers for the film, television, fashion, and advertising industries.

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toronto talent agency- bookings

MAX Agency is a successful Toronto modelling agency representing menwomen and children. MAX provides talent for the film, television, fashion and advertising industries as well as appearance in trade shows, promotions and special events.

With over 20 years in the biz, MAX Agency has secured thousands of high-profile auditions and bookings for our Talent across the country. Here are some of our exciting booking highlights of the week:

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MAX Agency Featured New Talent – Julian G!

Max Agency is proud to present one of our newest talents: Julian G!

Get to know more about Julian below!

“Hi my name is Julian; I am 17 years old and was born and still live in
Toronto, ON, Canada. I attended Etobicoke School of the Arts as a Visual Arts Major, until this year when I moved to a new school to focus on Sciences and good grades.”

“I’m a very outgoing person and have many good friends that I love to spend time with, although sometimes I just like to take a break and do my own thing as well. I enjoy playing team sports like hockey, soccer and baseball; but I also like swimming and absolutely love to skateboard and snowboard. I’ve been snowboarding since I was 6 years old and have become really good at it.”

“As a visual artist, I am very creative and influenced
by the arts and have had my work displayed in a few of the larger art
galleries in Canada and the USA. While I feel I could make a good living selling my artwork, lately I feel more passionate about other aspects of life such at medicine and acting, and I am currently focusing on opportunities in the sciences and a possible career as a physician, and my newest endeavours to try acting and modelling.”

When I was young I had a dream and often told my mom I would love to be an actor or a model and would constantly point out boys in magazines, commercials, TV shows and movies. I would say, “Why can’t I do that?” She investigated a little, but I don’t think she took me very seriously.”

“However, when I ended up being accepted to an Arts school, everyone there kept telling me to try acting and modelling, that I had a good look and a great attitude, and I was constantly being encouraged. So here I am, and I am so excited to be working with Max Agency and finally following the dreams of my childhood.”

We are so excited to have Julian join our roster as well! We can’t wait to see what he accomplishes!

Follow Julian on Instagram: @juliangibs

Max Agency is a successful model and talent management agency, representing menwomen and children. Max Agency is involved in providing actors, models and entertainers for the film, television, fashion and advertising industries as well as appearance in trade shows, promotions and special events.

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