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Showcase Saturday – Amanpreet S.

Welcome back to Showcase Saturday here at MAX Agency —  a successful Toronto talent agency representing men, women and children.

This week we’ll be showcasing a handsome and dedicated talent on our roster: 

 Amanpreet S!


An introduction to Amanpreet:

​”I am originally from India but moved to Thailand when I was 11. I moved to Canada when I was 18 for my Undergraduate studies and then did my Master’s degree here as well. I have also had an interest in the tech space and used the knowledge I gathered from my University studies in various tech-related companies.”

How did you get into modelling/acting?

“​I was first exposed to acting when I was in middle-school in a class where we had to rotate between Art, Theatre and Music. I remember my Theatre teacher would give us scenarios to improvise and I would always come up with ideas that would make the entire class laugh. I instantly fell in love with acting and made sure to audition for any theatre productions we had at my school.


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I continued this pursuit into my senior year where I took International Baccalaureate Theatre and would either star in or help out with the production of a majority of the plays. Being on stage allowed me to be able to take on interesting roles and personalities, but also became an outlet for me to be able to express myself. Working with a group of people to produce a play that will keep the audience at the edge of their seats allowed me to add my own creativity to the mix and receive feedback on my acting and writing skills. Throughout my studies and various interests that have been a part of my life, acting is the one place that I truly feel at home.”


How has your experience been with MAX so far?

​”My experience with MAX Agency has been great and I have been given a number of opportunities through a variety of auditions since I signed on. The agency has also helped boost my self-esteem and gave me the support I needed throughout the process. ​The staff has been great and has always shown that they care about me and my goals. I am not just another actor/model on the roster but a person whom they want to help grow in this industry.


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Most memorable moment from set?

I remember on the set of a Canadian Tire photo-shoot, I was asked to hold the hose in the gas station whilst they took a few photos. I assumed that the hose was either blocked or the gas was stopped from the back so that we could do this shoot. I  put my finger on the trigger and pressed down a little and started hearing a bit of noise coming from the gas tank after which the crew quickly told me to not press that since it was still connected (and everyone went into a mini panic mode). Needless to say, I was quite embarrassed and the crew definitely thought I was about to start a fire in the middle of this gas station. I definitely left a lasting impression on them.”



What do you like to do in your spare time?

​I love doing physical activities especially going to the gym. Being passionate about the gym has helped me add structure to other aspects of my life. It has allowed me to set attainable goals and learn from my mistakes along the way.

I also enjoy  watching movies and TV shows (especially anything from the sci-fi or fantasy genre). I also love playing video games and will often stream on Twitch at “Amaantheman” throughout the week. Streaming video games has allowed me to share my love for gaming with many people and I love listening to other people’s stories as well.”


What is your dream role?

“​Any role involving the Star Wars universe. If I get to be a Jedi…I can die peacefully.”


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Best advice for someone looking to get into the industry?


​Never give up. Even if you are not getting a lot of auditions does not mean that you can’t make it in this industry. It is important to constantly learn new things and improve your skills. Always reach out to people for advice or guidance and stay humble when you succeed. Make sure to help other actors and models wherever you can. All of us are trying to get to the same goal and there is lots of space. We need to share the success and drive each other to achieve greatness in this industry.”



Closing thoughts:

“​I have always been able to reach out to MAX Agency when I have any doubts or concerns which has allowed me to be more confident in my abilities and has calmed during stressful times. MAX Agency always has my back.


Hear more about Amanpreet’s experience with MAX below:

It’s been our pleasure, Amanpreet!

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MAX Agency is a successful model and talent management agency in Canada, representing men, women and children. MAX provides talent for the film, television, fashion and advertising industries.

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