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MAX Agency feautured new talent: Ella

Max Agency Toronto would like to welcome Ella to our roster. Ella is a 7 year old beauty who shown interest in the industry for quite some time. After seeing Selena Gomez perform, Ella has been keen on following her footsteps. Ella has a mixed nationality of Macedonian, Indian and Portugese. She can speak Macedonian, too! When she’s not doing her schoolwork, Ella likes to play the guitar and write lyrics. Already a lead in Choir and taking piano and dance lessons, she is excited to join the industry! She does her best at everything and is ecstatic about her first booking!

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MAX Agency Talent Spotlight: Sal C.

 MAX Agency Toronto would like to put the spotlight this week on Sal C., one of our most promising young talents. Sal joined MAX agency Toronto in 2009 at the age of seven. For the past two years he has been busy auditioning for numerous jobs for clients ranging from Rice Crispies to Aleve and Kraft. Most notably, Sal has booked jobs with Sobeys, and just recently, Sal landed a spot in a Heart and Stroke Foundation print ad. Sal’s versatility and ability to audition for any job ranging from commercials to print ads is an attribute that has benefited him tremendously in the industry. We can’t wait to report on his future success!

 Here’s what Sal’s mom had to say about MAX Agency Toronto:

“It is both mine and Sal’s dream for him to star in a movie one day but  I didn’t know where to start him on his journey to achieve this dream. A friend told us about Max Agency and it was the luckiest day of our lives. Upon signing with Max Agency, Sal finally had the opportunity to do some work. I am so proud of him and so grateful for his agent and all her hard work because without her he would be nowhere. For this we are extremely thankful!”



MAX Agency Toronto Talent spotlight: Kimoy Dixon

MAX Agency Toronto is pleased to have Caribbean beauty Kimoy Dixon join us. Kimoy  is 21 years old and studying Hotel Management at George Brown College.

She was born and raised on the island of Bermuda and moved to Toronto almost a year ago. Kimoy enjoys spending her free time reading mystery books, writing poetry, cycling and cooking. She has  also spent about 12yrs dancing ballet, modern and liturgical dance.

After receiving many compliments and comments about looking into modeling, she finally decided to take a step into the industry.

Kimoy loves being in front of the camera, and having her picture taken. In the future she plans to finish school, advance in the modeling industry and open up her own business, preferably in the food and beverage industry.

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