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MAX Agency Model books audition for Major Print campaign

MAX Agency model Ben A. will be auditioning today for project THERASPHERE. Ben has previously done 2 music videos since joining the Agency in early December 2014. We wish you all the best today Ben and will be crossing our fingers for you!



MAX Talent books PHOTO BOMB Commercial

We want to wish Julian D. all the best today while on set shooting the project Photo Bomb Commercial. We know they will truly love working with you!!!


MAX Talents and Models busy this Spring

With the warmer weather arriving ( it’s about time), MAX Models and Talents are very busy. Not only are they going to major auditions, they are landing some pretty amazing jobs; Intact Insurance, Government PSA’s, LCBO, to name a few. For all those that have auditions coming up we wish you all the best.We wish all of our talents and models the best this year and let’s keep this busy ball rolling!

MAX Talent Books Government PSA

Congratulations to Kristine Petsinis for booking the Department of Finance Government Public Service Announcement Photoshoot. She’ll be shooting tomorrow wednesday March 4th. WE wish you all the best Kristine, and know that you’re sweet and vibrant personality will show through!!

MAX Talent books Secret Project

All the best to Alexa W. for her shoot on Monday February 23rd! This is unfortunately a secrete project until it is released! I can’t wait to see the photos when it is!

MAX Talents Audition Checklists

As the year progesses things are beginning to pick up. As the weather changes, (hopefully turning warmer and sunnier) people become busier and more pre-occupied with being outdoors. More auditions start popping up for all ages. So her are a few things to remember when you have an audition. A sort of checklist as you will.

1. Make sure you have the address and contact information on a piece of paper. You never know when your phone or tablet will die.

2. Do you have your resume? They may not ask for it however its always a good idea to have a couple of copies on hand

3. Do you have enough comp cards? You may only leave one, or you may leave 3 or 4. It’s a good idea to take 4-5 just in case. If you have a spare plastic pouch/pocket in your portfolio book put them in there. Then you’ll never have to worry.

4. Did you remember to take your portfolio? Especially for print ads and any modelling auditions its important to have your portfolio. They want to see what you look like in print and also your diversity.

5. Breathe. This may sound simple and like it shouldn’t be stated, however, many people when they get nervous or anxious will hold their breath. It is important to keep the oxygen flowing. It will also help calm you and allow you to think more clearly when asnwe4ring questions and saying your lines.

6. Have fun! Again sounds like it is obvious. However often we get so caught up in wanting the job so badly we forget to enjoy the experience. Enjoy it for what it will offer you. You may not get the job, but that big casting director saw you and you never know what will happen in the future!

So go out and audition your butts off MAX Talents!! Oh and HAPPY CHINESE NEW YEARS!!

MAX Talents Stay Warm

The Weather may be frightful, however it is the season for friends and families to plan vacations to sunny beaches and warm spots. If this is you don’t forget to let the office and your bookign agent know you will be away! Here’s to making the most of winter and midterm breaks!

How to Pose for Photos – 6 Tips for Beginners

Here are 6 easy tips to remember for doing your first few photoshoots.  Simplicity is best. Don’t build up the session and over-practice in the beginning. An experienced photographer will give you some direction while letting you move naturally into poses that feel comfortable for you with only slight tweaks.  The most important thing to remember is to be confident. This will show and even amplify on camera.

  1. Avoid the Deer-in-the-Headlights Look: You may initially feel anxious as you embark on your first shoot. Beginners don’t know what to expect. Fear shows in the eyes first. So, try to avoid the scared look and soften your eyes. One good way to combat this is to squint your eyes until you begin to feel more relaxed. Your eyes will eventually relax as well.
  2. Move: Try not to get stuck in a pose for more than 3 seconds. A good photoshoot is like a flowing dance between you and the photographer. The truth is, the photographer will be capturing your transitions as well as your poses. Let them do their magic as you do yours. Move constantly and slightly, moving the angles of your head, shoulders, hips and shift your weight. Don’t forget to change your facial expression as well. Many new models produce photoshoots with the same default facial expression throughout the whole shoot. Let your photos show you in a variety of emotions and poses.
  3. Hand Placement: Keep in mind what you’re doing with your hands at all times. When you’re a beginner, your hands may be tense and this will show in photos as well. Awkward, stiff hands can ruin a photo when looking back at the details. If you’re holding onto something, like a necklace or jacket, make sure you are doing this gracefully and softly.
  4. Posture: Mother was right. And she still is. Make sure you have good posture to produce a model-like silhouette. This is one of the most important tenants of modeling.
  5. Asymmetrical Poses: Symmetrical poses are ok but often not that interesting. Include a few asymmetrical poses as well, as this looks more creative and artistic on camera.
  6. Don’t Always Look Straight Into the Camera: (There is an exception if you’re doing a photoshoot for your initial headshots or composite cards. Head-on angles are best for presenting yourself to a Casting Director in that case because they need to see your face clearly.) Otherwise, for an interesting shoot, looking away makes the viewer wonder “What is the model looking at? What is he or she thinking about?” It doesn’t need to be dramatic and far off into the distance – it can be slightly off camera.

How to Nail Your Next Audition!

MAX Agency Talents and Models find out how to nail your next audition!!!

General advice

  • Research the company in advance, so you know what they’re about and the kind of person they’re looking for. You’ll come across as both professional and organised.
  • Ask your agent as many questions as you can. It’s their job to make sure you head to your audition prepared. If you aren’t sure about something (from the address to lines to memorize) ASK!! You’re agent shuold give you all the information but if they don’t and you aren’t sure ask!
  • Smile! You’ll make a good first impression.
  • Get a good night’s sleep. Your eyes will be brighter and you’ll be more alert for your audition.
  • Be on time (or early) for everything. It sounds obvious, but some people find this a real challenge.
  • Avoid stripy or boldly-patterned clothing – it’ll be distracting on camera.
  • You’re likely to feel nervous if you’re not used to auditioning, or if it’s a part you really want – but try to relax in front of the camera (or, if appropriate, use your nerves for dramatic effect!).
  • Believe in yourself. Your confidence will come through in your audition.
  • You probably won’t get every part you audition for, but you’re gaining valuable experience along the way.


  • Learn your lines back to front, and inside out. Practise with a friend, so you feel confident on the day and don’t freeze up! Practive in front of friends or family, or even the mirror if you have to. This allows you to see the reaction from others before going into the audition.
  • Listen carefully and follow any instructions you’re given, but also try and have an original take on the part so they remember your performance.
  • Asking questions shows you’re engaged and have initiative, but don’t ask too many questions – casting directors don’t have all day to chat.
  • You don’t need to be in character for the entire audition – the casting director needs to see the ‘real you’, as well.


  • Be co-operative: follow any instructions, ask for direction if you need it, and avoid any conflict or dramas.
  • When attending meetings or castings, go for a fresh, natural look. Don’t overdo the make-up or hair styling.
  • Dress comfortably – don’t be sloppy, but slim-fit jeans, boots, and a tailored jacket should work fine.
  • Carry your portfolio with you (and your comp card, if you have one) in case anyone needs to see it.

Max Talent gets booked for a Retirement Living Commercial !

Congratulations to two lovely ladies  Kay D. and Ellen N. on their booking for a Retirement Living Commercial ! We think with their wholesome, loveable look and bright personalities they will do an amazing job.

Kay D.
Ellen N.

Great work and good luck ladies!

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