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The girls of the world

MAX Agency is excited to announce our brand new Elite Division. The Elite Division is higher division of modelling that allows select models to travel and go international for work.Elizabeth

Starting on June 14th, Maddie Zarb, Hannah Bradshaw and Elisabeth Callaghan are taking part in a photo shoot that will assist them on their journey to complete their portfolios and prepare for their future as professional and international models.

Each girl has worked extremely hard to achieve this goal and are very passionate about what they do!

Zarb said ” I’v only really been with some agencies for two months so far”

Maddie Z“I expect it to be a lot harder than people think, I was given a lot of material before the shoot and I was shocked of how much practising means. Overall I am really excited, ” she said.

“A lot of what I’ve done is practicing in the mirror and having people take photos of me so I know what works and what doesn’t,” she added.

Bradshaw stated “I’m not really sure what I’m expecting, it’s kinda like a test run for the future.”

“To prepare for the photoshoot I have been watching the videos that were sent to me , and researching models and their poses so that I can prep for next week,” she said

“I’m most excited to do a professional photoshoot, I’m also excited to get my hair and makeup done and have my wardrobe ready for me,”  she added.

The girls will have the experience
of traveling as elite models to do photoshoots and runway shows. While the girls are on the road traveling they will be blogging and vlogging about their travels. There will be behind the scene footage on their hair, makeup, clothes, and experience. If you’re interested in that, the girls will be giving tips and advice for anyone who is interested in pursuing the same.

Everyone is excited to see the girls as their hard work has paid off!

More updates are happening soon, so stay tuned!

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If you are interesting in applying click here



Congratulations Bogdan P. on his audition for Project Sports! Bogdan has been a part of Max Agency for a couple years and we are extremely excited for him!  We wish you luck!



Congratulations to Kwaku A. on his audition for Project: TD.  We wish you luck! TD Canada is the personal, small business and commercial banking operation of the Toronto-Dominion Bank in Canada. Kwaku has also received countless auditions and we are extremely excited to see him doing well. Good luck Kwaku!



Congratulations to Matia B. on her audition for Alias GraceAlias Grace is an American-Canadian television miniseries directed by Mary Harron and starring Sarah Gadon. It is based on the 1998 novel of the same name by Margaret Atwood and adapted by Sarah Polley. It will air on CBC Television in Canada and will stream on Netflix globally. We wish you luck Matia!

malia balboue 48edit


Congratulations to these amazing actors and actresses Jack B., Ayman K., Debbie K., Maristela Da., Khujusta A., Sajae B., Karyn O. on their audition for the Project: Scotties Tissues. We wish you the best!

jack brinder 181edit       ayman kasawneh 2edit

Jack B.                                                                   Ayman K.

IMG_0394edit       maristellada costa6edit

Debbie K.                                                       Maristella Da.

khujusta aziz 74EDIT       0399edit

Khujusta A.                                                             Sajae B.

karynoliveira 111edit

Karyn O.


MAX Talent Shoots Lipstick Commercial

MAX Agency would like to congratulate Brooklyne J. and her booking for Project Lipstick. This is Brooklyne’s first booking with MAX Agency. She was selected off her photos, for her beautiful lips. We hope you have a great time on set today Brooklyne!