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MAX Agency Talent Land Audition for Infomercial with Kurio Tablet

Great news! Evelyn W, Ariana A, Emily H and Jada S of MAX Agency have the golden opportunity to audition for an informercial with Kurio Tablet!

Kurio Tablet is an android designed specially for children and families. It is loaded with tons of preloaded content both kids and adults can enjoy such as Angry Birds, Doodle Jump, Cut the Rope, MeeGenius and more. Users of Kurio Tablet can access the Internet using wi-fi, but don’t worry, there are tons of unique parental controls. Parents can determine the type of Internet access they wish for their children to have  and the applications they’re able to use. They can also determine when and how long a user can use the tablet! The Kurio Tablet comes with games, a camera, video recorder and a video player. It is also loaded with tons of fun learning and educational games, an e-reader, music player and a writing capacitive screen.

Evelyn W and Ariana A

Emily H and Jada S

We think these kids would be great for the infomercial! They are all outgoing and skilful. Evelyn W can speak french and do sign language and Ariana A is great at jazz and ballet. Meanwhile Emily H enjoys rock climbing and gymnastics and Jada S likes running and playing soccer.

We’ll be keeping our fingers crossed for you young ladies, Evelyn W, Ariana A, Emily H and Jada S!

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MAX Agency Talent to Audition for Print Ad with Mastronardi Produce

MAX Agency’s Nickolas R, Jayden A, Rhinna M and Jada S have landed an audition to shoot a print ad with the largest greenhouse company in North America, Mastronardi Produce!

In the 1940’s Mastronardi Produce built the first commercial greenhouse in North America and have been a leader in the gourmet produce industry ever since. The family owned business is known for their year round flavorful tomatoes, peppers and cucumbers. They also grow and market nationally recognized brands such as Campari Tomato, Splendido Grape Tomatoes and Champagne Cocktail Tomatoes.

Mastronardi Produce is looking for several cute and outgoing kids to take part in their latest print ad. We are confident these talented, energetic cuties will fit the bill!   Nickolas R is one of our newest faces and is far from camera shy. Jayden A likes doing tricks on the trampoline, while Rhinna M loves to swim and Jada S enjoys playing soccer.

Nickolas R and Jayden A

Rhinna M and Jada S

We wish you all the best of luck on your audition!

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