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Project 333/33

How many of your clothes do you actually wear? Realistically, maybe only a few pairs of pants and a few of you fav shirts.

This year the trend of 333/33 is circling around.

Project 333/33 is where you only have 333 articles of clothing in your wardrobe or 33 article of clothing. The point of this is to reuse what you wear the most, save money on buying new clothes and to learn about your fashionable side by mixing and matching different clothes from what you have.

Studies have shown that the people who are trying this trend have liked it a lot better. Most people said that their workplace peers didn’t even realize that they were wearing the same pieces of clothing but with different shoes, jewellery or handbag.

This is a great way to save money and to get longer wear out of clothes.  Try it out, see if you like it! It might surprise you what you have sitting in your closet.

Fashion Tip from Max Agency – It’s Spring Time Again !

This spring ‘Elle Magazine’ tells us that ‘Orange is the new Black’ ! And they don’t mean the Netflix original series…

Looking at this springs fashion trends and what the experts have to say we think this spring is all about pairing and bright oranges and letting those warm summer tones loose !

In the example ‘ Elle magazine’ give us is of a look dawned at New York Fashion week ! So show off your solid tunic dress and pair them with a nice bright lipstick and some brightly patterned shoes and you will be simply shining this spring.

MAX Agency Talent Spotlight: Krista Gorizzan and Adriana Henry

These two lovely ladies are two recent additions to the MAX Agency family. They are both passionate dancers and models with a lot to offer the world. Read snippets about them below:

Krista Gorizzan

The beautiful Krista attended the Academy of Ballet and Jazz for nine years (she also performs hip-hop) and enjoys performing to this day. She was scouted outside of Ryerson University, where she is enrolled. Krista’s passion for performance translated into her desire to expand her niche to the world of modelling. We are happy to have such a lovely young woman as part of our roster.

Adriana Henry

The gorgeous Adriana is also trained in ballet and jazz and has been dancing since she was 6 years old. Both of her sisters have had careers within the fashion industry, which prompted Adriana to take an interest in modelling and fashion. By joining MAX Agency, Adriana is ready to take the fashion world by storm.

“Just as I was committed to dance, I am committed to fashion and modeling, it is what I’ve grown up with and I can’t picture myself doing anything else”

Watch Adriana’s contemporary dance piece here.

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