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MAX Agency Talent to Audition for Music Video with Television Program Kids’ CBC

MAX Agency talent Elizabeth B, Ava K, Michael P and Evelyn W will be auditioning to sing and dance in a music video with television show, Kids’ CBC! Doesn’t that sound exciting? If chosen, the lucky actor will perform alongside host, Patty Sullivan.

CBC (Canadian Broadcasting Corporation) is a national radio and television broadcaster. The giant corporation broadcasts tons of programs such as Kids’ CBC, a preschool, commercial free show for kids. On Kids’ CBC, hosts Patty Sullivan and Sidd Bob explore Canada in a fun and engaging way, often featuring musical guests, a dose of comedy and preschool curriculum. On TV every weekday morning, Kids’ CBC mirrors a child’s world while helping them increase their discovery and imagination.

Elizabeth B, Ava K, Michael P and Evelyn W

These little cuties would be great in Kids’ CBC music video. Elizabeth B dances to hip hop, salsa and the mambo. She can also play the fiddle and the violin. Ava K does ballet and dances to acro and hip hop while Michael P loves to dance and can do sign language! Evelyn W likes gymnastics, can be speak French and  knows sign language too!

We wish Elizabeth B, Ava K, Michael P and Evelyn W the best of luck!

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MAX Agency Talent Spotlight: Elizabeth B

We are thrilled to introduce Elizabeth B as one of MAX Agency’s latest child actors!

Elizabeth B

MAX Agency’s Elizabeth B is a little cutie that definitely stands out from the crowd! Elizabeth adorable smile and sparkling hazel eyes is not all she has going for her, she loves karate and has become quite a pro! Performing comes naturally to Elizabeth, she loves to dance and is trained in both Salsa and Hip Hop. Elizabeth has been submitted for such projects as Purina Kids, the TV series Infested, and most recently she just went on an audition for CBC Kids!

MAX Agency is very excited to work with this little star in the making!

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