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Audition Invites

The last few days have be amazingly busy for the agency and for our superb talents! There have been lots of invites to  auditions and we wanted to congratulated everyone for landing these coveted auditions. So here’s a wrap up of the last few hectic days!

DUNCAN W.  was out auditioning for – PROJECT GAIN

JAMIE M. has had a great week so far! He’s been invited to not one, but two auditions! PROJECT  TD and PROJECT  FINANCE TVC! Good job, Jamie!

MITHRA A Has been invited to audition for PROJECT TD also! How awesome is that?! Hope you had a blast, Mithra!

BHAGYASHREE B. was out for PROJECT Pepsico -Montellier.

DARIA F. was also out for  PROJECT Pepsico Montellier.

CHASE T. has been on a great audition role ! He was also invited to audition for PROJECT Pepsico Montellier.

Bit of information on Montellier: Montellier carbonated natural spring water is drawn from an underground spring in Sainte-Brigitte-de-Laval, Quebec and has been bottled in Quebec City since 1984 by the family business Alex Coulombe ltée.

DIVYA B. was out this week for and auditioned for PROJECT PEPSICO

as well as SUSANA M. She was also out invited out for an audition with PROJECT PEPSICO!

Bit of information on PepsiCo: PepsiCo Inc. was created in 1965 through the merger of the Pepsi-Cola Company and Frito-Lay Inc. As the world’s second biggest food and beverage firm, PepsiCo ensures that its mission statement and vision statement are aligned with its current business condition. This condition highlights the diversification of the company in terms of its product mix and markets.

Big congratulations to all who went out and impressed the casting directors so far this week. We’re waiting on the good news!

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MAX Talent Books Autidion for a Feature Film

MAX Agency would like to wish good luck to Charlie E. on his audition for LAN, a feature film! Charlie has been with us close to a year and we wish him the best of luck at his audition!

charlieengles 1

MAX Agency Talent Lands Audition for Commercial with belVita

Great news! MAX Agency’s Lucas P has landed an audition for a commercial with breakfast biscuit company, belVita.

belVita makes a range of biscuits designed to provide a healthy, balanced breakfast every morning. They are made with whole grains, are rich in cereals, contains a source of fibre and carries a wide variety of vitamins and minerals. belVita Breakfast Biscuits are scientifically designed to slowly release carbohydrates over a period of four hours. This way you’re bound to have energy all morning! belVita has several different flavours such as muesli, forest fruits and crunchy oats.

belVita products have been sold in Europe for over a decade. Kraft Foods Inc. plans to launch it into U.S. and Canadian markets soon.

Lucas P

If all goes well at the audition, MAX Agency’s very own Lucas P will play the role of someones son. They are looking for a boy that’s cute, charming and witty and we believe Lucas P fits that description. What do you think? With those dashing eyes and pretty boy smile, we are almost positive Lucas P could charm anyone!

We’ll be sure to keep our fingers crossed, Lucas P!

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