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#TipTuesday: Always Let Booker Know When Out of Town

#TipTuesday is a series Max Agency — a successful model and talent management agency in Canada representing menwomen and children — will be doing every week where we share helpful tips for the industry! This could be tips on auditions, bookings, and more!

This week’s tip is: Always let your booker know when you are going to be out of town/unavailable!

If you are going out of town or have an engagement and cannot go to auditions (i.e. exams, work, weddings etc.) you must let your Booker know ahead of time. If they are not made aware of these times, they will assume that you are ALWAYS AVAILABLE.

Clients and Casting Directors get very upset if you have been submitted for a job and cannot make the casting. They may become invested in you as the talent, and it can be extremely disappointing to later find out there is no chance of seeing or booking you.

Letting clients or casting directors down like this enough times can ruin relationships between them and the agency. Most agencies will not put up with this and may end up releasing you. This is why you must always let them know if you are unavailable.


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5 Tips For Making A Self Tape Audition

First of all, what is a self tape?

Self tapes are becoming more and more popular in the casting industry so you must become aware of them. Essentially a self tape is a video of your audition which you film yourself and then send to the casting director or client.

Max Agency receives self tape requests of our talent every week, so we thought we’d share some of our tips for creating them!

  1. Good lighting

Good lighting is a MUST for a good self tape! You want the clients to be able to see you, don’t you? In reality, even if you are the best actor for the job, if the lighting is bad in your video it could cost you the job. Do not make the mistake of having too much light as that will completely wash you out. It is best to use natural lighting or incandescent lights if possible, one pointed at your face and one pointed to your side.

A diagram from Breakdown Express can be seen here:

2. Good Sound Quality

You must be sure to have decent sound quality for the obvious reason that the person casting needs to hear how you deliver the lines. One way to ensure this is to perform the lines at a volume that the device you’re using can pick up. That means no mumbling! Another way to ensure quality sound is using a digital camera with a built in microphone, no need for anything too fancy. With the quality that smartphones provide now, recording on a phone is even acceptable!

3. No distractions

When filming a self tape, the least amount of distractions the better. That means visually and orally. Make sure there is no distracting background nosies happening whether that’s a loud family member or the A/C. Go to a quiet room in the house or wait until everyone has gone to bed. In terms of visuals, be sure to film in front of a solid coloured background, such as a blank wall. Make sure your clothing is also not too distracting, no logos or crazy designs just like for in person auditions! You want the focus of the video to be your performance not your surroundings.

4. Listen to instructions

Most self tape requests come along with a set of instructions from the casting director or client. Be sure to read over them carefully to ensure you are doing exactly what they want and submitting it properly. For example the instructions may say which props to use, how to act, the sides aka lines to say, etc.

5. Show your personality!

Just like any audition, the client is watching tons of actors and actresses performing the same lines over and over. Be sure to make yourself standout by showing your personality! This can be done while slating, before getting into the actual audition. Don’t be too monotone or serious; be professional and friendly!

Filming self tape auditions can be great! They allow you to audition from anywhere in the world, including your own home.  However, there are many mistakes that can be made which could cost you the job, so you must pay attention to the technical side! Re-watch your takes, reshoot if you have to and remember these tips!

Good luck!

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MAX Agency’s Audition Tips, Tools and Requirements

MAX Agency Talent,

We regret to inform you that over the past couple of weeks we’ve received a great amount of feedback from our clients and some of it was not positive.

Our main goal is to help you land as many gigs as possible, offering important tips and tools as indicated on the MAX Agency Policies & Procedures handout and the Audition Info form. It is absolutely imperative that these instructions be followed in order to gain success within the talent industry. Furthermore, when auditioning you not only represent yourself, you also represent MAX Agency and poor representation of both is highly unacceptable.

Complaints received by our clients are as follows; poor choice of clothing, gum chewing,  leaning on desk, arriving late and showing up unprepared.

The following tips will help you appear more professional when in a professional setting and increase the possibility of booking auditions.

Clothing attire:

  • Female talent are expected to wear a black, form-fitting black dress with heels or knee-high boots. Hair should always be worn down. NO color nail polish and NO jeans or accessories.
  • Male talent are expected to wear a black button-down shirt with slacks. Clothing must be neat. NO wrinkles and NO jeans.

Key pointers:

  • Always arrive prepared. You MUST carry your portfolio book, comp card and resume with you at all times when going on an audition.
  • Always arrive 5-10 minutes early.
  • NEVER lean over the clients desk. Sit-up straight.
  • Always be alert, professional and pleasant.
  • NO gum chewing!
  • NEVER discuss payment with the client. It will be handled by MAX Agency.