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This week we’ll be showcasing one talented teen on our roster, Abigail T.

Hello, my name is Abigail Tang, I am from Hong Kong and returned to Canada around one and half years ago. I had the exposure of being on the local television children educational shows since I was kid, also participated in a couple of reality shows when I was at a younger age. Moving onto the musical side of my life, I was always fond of the arts, music especially, as I’ve been learning the piano since I was 5, earning an ABRSM 8th grade certificate as my recent achievement. I’ve picked up a few instruments to experiment on, leading to a year of violin, a couple years of alto saxophone, and now self-teaching guitar.


My musical interest reach beyond instruments and into vocals. I’ve always loved to sing, solo or in group . With these interests, I had participated in whatever singing group I could, from school musical team to regional choirs organization. During the years in Hong Kong, I had the chances as a member of representative choirs to compete overseas, such as the World Choir Games in Sochi Russia of 2016 and International Choir Festival in Singapore 2017. Also I had combined both of these interests and found myself in a couple of school plays and musicals, I simply love the theatrical arts and I love participating in them. 

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