Self tape audition tips

‘Self-tapes’ will likely be an integral part of auditions now. Here are some tips to improve your self-tape audition process.

1) Lighting is the key – It is very important that you shoot in proper light setting. If your video turns out to be dark, you can always try mobile ring light or the DSLR ring light to enhance and improve your video quality. (Ring lights are available on Amazon)

2) Audio quality matters- If your video display is crystal clear but you have something running in the background, or someone in the house talking, it will distract you as well as the person watching your video. Your mobile audio (microphone) is sufficient and is good enough but make sure you’re recording yourself in a quiet room with no ambiance noise.

3) Follow the script and instruction- Every self-tape request comes with instructions from the casting office. Read it. Read it again and try to follow all the instructions while recording yourself. Once the recording is complete, check if you have missed anything before submission.

4) Framing-
You should be in the center of the frame with the bottom of the frame at the center of your chest and the top of the frame slightly above the top of your head.

5) Give your best- Taped auditions allow you to shut off the camera and take as much time as you need to jump into a new scene, allowing you to truly capture and record examples of your best work ever.


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