Regarding Class Attendance

MAX Agency prides itself on its ability to provide full training for its models and actors. All talent on our roster receive full training that focuses on audition techniques, modeling, monologues, runway, confidence and much more.

The best thing about those classes is that our talent don’t have to pay for them, because MAX Agency covers all the costs. However, Suzanna, our booking agent, has raised some concerns regarding talent not attending their classes.

“We pay for our talent’s training to help with their development and therefore attendance is mandatory,” said Suzanna. And she’s right. All talent that are represented by our agency sign a contract that clearly states that talent are required to attend all classes paid for by MAX Agency and that failure to do so will result in their termination from the agency. “We expect a certain level of professionalism from all of our talent,” said Suzanna. “The lack of professional behavior by some of you that have not been acting in accordance with the agreement, will not be tolerated.”

So, you heard her. Please attend all classes that you are signed up for, or notify us in advance if you are unable to attend any classes.

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