Manulife and MAX Agency Toronto Again

Millions of Canadians rely on Manulife Financial to help them prepare for the future. And when you think about it, Canada looks to its volunteers for much the same thing. An hour at a time, they’re helping build strong, resilient communities. MAX Agency Toronto also knows something about giving back to the community, and that’s why we are teaming up again!

For this Televison commercial, Manulife is looking to make people feel motivated for positive change. And more importantly, to have the courage to do something about it! This shoot will connect the audience with people just like them, people that care. Two of MAX Actors, Renee and Michael are looking to fill the roles. They are both very motivated, and extremely talented, everything that Manulife is looking for. From all of us here at MAX Agency Toronto, best of Luck on the audition Renee and Michael! 

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Ministry of Health and MAX Agency Toronto

The Ministry of Health is looking to do a TV commercial about obesity in Canada. And two of MAX Agency’s finest, MAX Toronto Actors Rocco and Gerard are up for the part. This is a very important issue and MAX Agency Toronto would be proud to help shed light on the problem. Obesity in Canada is a growing health concern with health officials stating that it is one of the leading causes of preventable deaths in Canada. Obesity is linked with heart disease, diabetes, high blood pressure, cancer, osteoarthritis and many more life threatening diseases. In Canada, 23% of people ages 18 or older, an estimated 5.5 million people are considered obese. Another 8.6 million, or 36% are overweight. These statistics are frightening, and although we are in the “beauty” industry, here at MAX Models Agency we believe that it all about living a healthy lifestyle. One of the best ways to achieve and maintain a healthy body weight is to reduce calories, to increase activity and to maintain this changed lifestyle for life. When diet and exercise are combined for weight loss, they help to bring about long-term lifestyle changes that include: an improved attitude towards health and fitness, better stress management skills, improved energy levels, and a decrease in the risk of developing serious health problems.  

We hope that our MAX talent Gerrard and Rocco are what the Ministry of Health are looking for. Best of luck with the audition gentlemen!

Philanthrokidz and MAX Agency Toronto

Philanthrokidz is a start-up company that is in the process of creating a virtual gaming world where tweens earn virtual currency that they can donate towards a community project being built out within the virtual world community. As kids purchase items for the virtual project, Philanthrokidz, with the help of corporate sponsors and established charities, will match these purchases in the real world. So the goal is for our users to be making real world change simply by playing online. Tweens will be empowered and engaged to be entertained within the world, while also doing good by helping
to better the lives of children all around the world. MAX Agency Model Leeann has an audition for the part of Lilly, a stylish, fashionable intelligent girl.

MAX Agency Toronto thinks that she will be perfect for the part. Best luck on the audition Leeann!

The Egyptian Job and MAX Agency Toronto

MAX Agency Toronto is taking the time to Congratulate Nayab on booking the Egyptian Job documentary. Be on the lookout for this MAX model and actor, the documentary is set to be out later this year. We are so excited about this project, once again, from everyone here at MAX Agency Toronto, congratulations Nayab!  

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Tati’s Hotel Television Series in the UK and MAX Agency Toronto

Now this is a big audition! One of MAX Agency’s finest, Toronto model and actor Christian is up for the role of Linny on this UK TV series. Tati’s hotel is a pre-school plus (4-7 years age group) series with live action characters and puppets. As the handyman helper in training of the hotel, Linny has the run of the place and this gives him plenty of opportunity to be in the wrong place at the right time with the wrong tools – or is that: in the right place at the wrong time with — well, let’s just say he and his tools get around. Linny’s not a troublemaker – he’s just thoughtlessly curious and does his best to learn from his missteps. Linny provides a much needed boy energy to Tati’s Hotel and allows for storylines that aren’t always reliant on the cathartic change of Tati as she deals with the problems of new guests. Quite often the lessons to be learned from an exciting day at the hotel are for the benefit of Linny. We think that Christian would make the best Linny ever! MAX agency Toronto wants to wish Chrisitian the best of luck with this audition!

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Feautured New Talent at MAX Agency Toronto

Thursday October 8th 2010

MAX Agency Toronto

MAX Agency is a top model and talent agency in Toronto. Located downtown on at 2063 Yonge St, MAX Agency has successfully been in the industry for 11 years. Working with giants like Hugo Boss, Nike, McDonalds, TD Canada Trust and Labatt just to name a few.

Always growing and looking to add new exciting faces, MAX Agency Toronto would like to introduce Shivani Anand to the Roster. Shivani was born in India on February 25th 1993. She is currently residing in Canada and is completing school in the extended French program. She has a great passion for acting, and has had four years of training in drama. With the help of MAX Agency, she is continuing training at the Universal Academy of Acting. When asked why Shivani chose to work with MAX Agency, she replied, “because its an agency that develops new talent and gives everyone a chance.” 

To add, her agent Amanda had nothing but great things to say. “Shivani is one of the most dedicated and determined new talents that we have at MAX Agency. Her family is supportive and as dedicated as she is. She is an extremely talented actress, speaks French and has a great look, all of which makes her very marketable. We are excited to be working with Shivani, and think that she will do very well”.

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MAX Agency Toronto Talent Spotlight

This week MAX Models Toronto is doing a feature on a dynamic duo, more specifically, a dynamic father and daughter duo.

Rocco and Celeste have been a part of MAX Agency Toronto for a number of years. Rocco has been in a wide variety of projects, from a Levitra print ad, to Toronto Life Magazine. Rocco has also been in a number of music videos most notably ,Kilinger’s Holding On. Aside for being a great Toronto Actor, Rocco is quite the renaissance man, speaking Italian and being able to Tango, its no wonder why we all love having him around!

Now, the one thing about the Chiappettas, is that it’s not hard to know who the real beauty of the operations is. Celeste is vibrant, fun and extremely talented just like her father. Celeste of MAX Agency Toronto has been submitted for projects like Zellers, Nutella, Urban Legends and so many more. However, her fame to date is a Stewardship print ad that was published in the Toronto Star. She can sing, she can dance, and is one of the cutest things that we have seen! We wish both Rocco and Celeste continued success!

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MAX Agency Toronto Model Spotlight ‘Samantha Peksa’

Samantha Peksa was accepted by MAX Agency Toronto and added to the roster in July of 2009. Since then Samantha has had the opportunity to work with some big names in the industry. It’s her ongoing success with Canada’s largest skateboard and snowboard chain, West49 that brings her the most popularity around MAX Modeling Agency. Samantha has been hosting an online media series called Dialed In. As the host, she informs us of upcoming contests, featured athletes, new products and so much more. She has also done a commercial for Artistry beauty products.  So, apart from her being beautiful and well spoken Samantha is also a talented actress. She landed the part of Natalie in the short film Clear Skies. Her MAX Agency Booking Agent, Suzanna, thinks that Sam has a great marketable girl next- door look, and a beautiful smile. On top of her looks it’s her dedication and passion that has helped Samantha have such positive results in this industry. MAX Agency Toronto is looking forward to continued success both in modeling and acting for Samantha.

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Zellers and MAX Agency Toronto

Juliana has booked a Zellers holiday Televison Commercial, and here at MAX Agency Toronto, we are extremely proud and excited! Zellers is the mass merchandise retailer of the Hudson Bay Company(HBC) which is a leading Canadian mass merchandise department store chain with 279 locations in communities nationwide. For their latest campaign Zellers was looking for a aspirational and attractive model, they definitely got that in MAX Model Juliana. She’s cute as a button and talented beyond belief, congratulations again Juliana, job well done!

Here’s an old Christmas Classic from Zellers, Enjoy!

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Manulife and MAX Agency Toronto

MAX Agency is a big deal in Toronto and Manulife has been a big deal since the beginning of Canada. On June 23rd 1887, The Manufacturers Life Insurance Company (Manulife Financial) was incorporated by an Act of Parliament. Canada’s first Prime Minister, was elected President of the Company. Present day Manulife provides some of the very best financial protection and wealth accumulation products backed by the financial strength and security of a global leader.

With this kind of history and notoriety, its no surprise why everyone at MAX Agency is so excited. We have three of our top MAX models auditioning for a big project. Lisette, Daniel and Adrian are looking to fill the roles for the Manulife print ad. They are looking for a variety of good-looking characters with a diverse range of facial expression. We definitely think that they have what it takes.

 Best of luck with the audition!

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