MAX Agency Toronto Talent audition for TV Series “Paranormal Witness”

MAX Toronto Actors Larry Harrison is auditioning for the Paranormal Witness episode “Black Hope Curse”. Alongside is Kristine P with an audition for the episode “Spiritual Warfare”. This tense, cinematic, high-octane drama documentary series brings to life the stories of people who have lived through paranormal experiences that defy explanation; from ghost to alien encounters. Paranormal Witness …


MAX Agency Toronto Models are auditioning for Penninghtons Print Ad

MAX Agency Toronto Models Erin Considine, Nicole Jensen, Regina Nobre and Lisette Pedicellu have a big opportunity with Penninghtons. Penninghtons is a Canadian store known as the “destination shop” for plus-sized women’s clothing, with over 160 locations across Canada in all ten provinces. Offering a great selection of contemporary an classic fashions including lingerie, sleepwear, …


MAX Agency Toronto Talent are auditioning for a music video with DOWN WITH WEBSTER

Auditions are in motion for the upcoming Down With Webster music video, auditioning is MAX Talent Chelsea B, Julia M and Monica F. Down with webster is a Juno award nominated 6 man rap rock band from Toronto, Canada.  While the members came from different backgrounds, found inspiration from different influences, and developed different styles, they were united by …

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