Max Talent lands audition for Project: Full Serve !

Congratulations to the incredible Tanya P. !

Tanya recently landed an audition for a print ad that is searching for a woman that looks mature, real , open, inviting and expressive. Though that sounds like an intimidatingly long list of qualities, we know Tanya has that exact look effortlessly !

Great work Tanya and Good luck at the Audition !

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Max talent gets Audition for MMVA Subway Contest Commercial !

Congratulations to the lovely Kay D. as she has just landed an audition to play the role of a Judge in this funny new commercial !

Since Kay has a sweet, wholesome look and has the ability to act like a tough, intelligent force to be reckoned with we think she will give an amazing audition.

Good Luck Kay !

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Max Talent gets Auditions for Spy/Moose Boy Toy Commercials !

Congratulations to a few of our talent today as they all have auditions for the Spy/ Moose Boy Toy Commercials!

Lucas D., Klaudio P., Dimos X., David M., Raul C., Devlin P., Brandon H. and Jordan H. are going to auditon for either the part of Spy Boy who would be someone that can play a mischievous, quirky and funny character or for Moose Boy who is cute, wholesome and looks like a little brother figure. With their amazing personalities we really feel like the boys will do fantastic at their audition !

Nice Job and Good Luck Fellas !

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