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Thursday October 8th 2010

MAX Agency Toronto

MAX Agency is a top model and talent agency in Toronto. Located downtown on at 2063 Yonge St, MAX Agency has successfully been in the industry for 11 years. Working with giants like Hugo Boss, Nike, McDonalds, TD Canada Trust and Labatt just to name a few.

Always growing and looking to add new exciting faces, MAX Agency Toronto would like to introduce Shivani Anand to the Roster. Shivani was born in India on February 25th 1993. She is currently residing in Canada and is completing school in the extended French program. She has a great passion for acting, and has had four years of training in drama. With the help of MAX Agency, she is continuing training at the Universal Academy of Acting. When asked why Shivani chose to work with MAX Agency, she replied, “because its an agency that develops new talent and gives everyone a chance.” 

To add, her agent Amanda had nothing but great things to say. “Shivani is one of the most dedicated and determined new talents that we have at MAX Agency. Her family is supportive and as dedicated as she is. She is an extremely talented actress, speaks French and has a great look, all of which makes her very marketable. We are excited to be working with Shivani, and think that she will do very well”.

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MAX Agency Toronto Talent Spotlight

This week MAX Models Toronto is doing a feature on a dynamic duo, more specifically, a dynamic father and daughter duo.

Rocco and Celeste have been a part of MAX Agency Toronto for a number of years. Rocco has been in a wide variety of projects, from a Levitra print ad, to Toronto Life Magazine. Rocco has also been in a number of music videos most notably ,Kilinger’s Holding On. Aside for being a great Toronto Actor, Rocco is quite the renaissance man, speaking Italian and being able to Tango, its no wonder why we all love having him around!

Now, the one thing about the Chiappettas, is that it’s not hard to know who the real beauty of the operations is. Celeste is vibrant, fun and extremely talented just like her father. Celeste of MAX Agency Toronto has been submitted for projects like Zellers, Nutella, Urban Legends and so many more. However, her fame to date is a Stewardship print ad that was published in the Toronto Star. She can sing, she can dance, and is one of the cutest things that we have seen! We wish both Rocco and Celeste continued success!

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MAX Agency Toronto Model Spotlight ‘Samantha P’

Samantha P. was accepted by MAX Agency Toronto and added to the roster in July of 2009. Since then Samantha has had the opportunity to work with some big names in the industry. It’s her ongoing success with Canada’s largest skateboard and snowboard chain, West49 that brings her the most popularity around MAX Modeling Agency. Samantha has been hosting an online media series called Dialed In. As the host, she informs us of upcoming contests, featured athletes, new products and so much more. She has also done a commercial for Artistry beauty products.  So, apart from her being beautiful and well spoken Samantha is also a talented actress. She landed the part of Natalie in the short film Clear Skies. Her MAX Agency Booking Agent, Suzanna, thinks that Sam has a great marketable girl next- door look, and a beautiful smile. On top of her looks it’s her dedication and passion that has helped Samantha have such positive results in this industry. MAX Agency Toronto is looking forward to continued success both in modeling and acting for Samantha.

If you would like to book Samantha, or any of the Toronto models or Toronto actors at MAX Agency please visit www.maxagency.com

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Zellers and MAX Agency Toronto

Juliana has booked a Zellers holiday Televison Commercial, and here at MAX Agency Toronto, we are extremely proud and excited! Zellers is the mass merchandise retailer of the Hudson Bay Company(HBC) which is a leading Canadian mass merchandise department store chain with 279 locations in communities nationwide. For their latest campaign Zellers was looking for a aspirational and attractive model, they definitely got that in MAX Model Juliana. She’s cute as a button and talented beyond belief, congratulations again Juliana, job well done!

Here’s an old Christmas Classic from Zellers, Enjoy!

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Manulife and MAX Agency Toronto

MAX Agency is a big deal in Toronto and Manulife has been a big deal since the beginning of Canada. On June 23rd 1887, The Manufacturers Life Insurance Company (Manulife Financial) was incorporated by an Act of Parliament. Canada’s first Prime Minister, was elected President of the Company. Present day Manulife provides some of the very best financial protection and wealth accumulation products backed by the financial strength and security of a global leader.

With this kind of history and notoriety, its no surprise why everyone at MAX Agency is so excited. We have three of our top MAX models auditioning for a big project. Lisette, Daniel and Adrian are looking to fill the roles for the Manulife print ad. They are looking for a variety of good-looking characters with a diverse range of facial expression. We definitely think that they have what it takes.

 Best of luck with the audition!

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Weekly Featured Talent at MAX Agency Toronto

Toronto Model Lisette Pedicelli has been an asset to MAX Agency since 2007. She is a well recognized face both here in the office, and all around Toronto. She has worked with some of MAX Agency’s biggest clients.

You can find her on the Catwalk for The Bay’s Annual Fashion Show. You can also find her in Print Ads all over the city for Allergen, Juvederm and Botox.

As well as being beautiful and talented Lisette speaks French fluently which makes her a great asset for submissions that require the talent to be bilingual. Lisette is also an accomplished actress. She can be seen in the newest Shiloh video “Alright” as Becky. She can also been seen on the series Urban Legends. It airs on the Biography channel and has been broadcasted in more than nine countries.

When asked, her agent Dalia said, “Lisette is very dedicated, full of energy and it’s always a pleasure to see her in the office. We always knew that she would do well, and I wish her continued success in the industry.”

Like Dalia, the rest of us here at MAX Agency mirror her sentiments and are very proud to represent her.

For more information on Lisette, or any talent at MAX Agency, please feel free to contact us at  www.maxagency.com or call (416)482-5392


Making a Difference at MAX Agency Toronto

It’s the weekend after Thanksgiving, and I’m sure that we are all feeling thankful. We probably spent the weekend stuffing our faces with Turkey and enjoying friends and family. 

However, that was not necessarily the case for some. Its seems as though this past year there has been devastation of epic proportion going on in all corners of the globe. From earthquakes and flooding, to environmental disasters and recession, this year for many has been very difficult. Thinking locally and globally MAX Agency Toronto believes  that this is the  time to give back.

According to a recent report from the Salvation Army, the Food Bank use in the GTA is at an all time high, and donations have flat lined. The average person coming to a food bank spends 68 per cent of their income on rent and utilities. With an average monthly income of $1000, that leaves just over $300 for everything else: school supplies for the kids, clothes for winter, medications and food.

As reported by the United Nations, to date more than 1,750 people have been killed, and 21 million affected by flooding in Pakistan. 8 to 10 million people still need daily help, and roughly 6 million have been left homeless. The United Nations has rated the floods in Pakistan as the greatest humanitarian crisis in recent history with more people affected than the South-East Asian tsunami and the recent earthquakes in Kashmir and Haiti combined.


CBC reports that in Haiti, there have been 222, 570 deaths since the great earthquake that rocked the Capital Port-Au- Prince back in January. And there are still nearly 1.5 million people living in makeshift camps.

MAX Agency Toronto is currently accepting donations of all kinds to help give back to those in need.

Some ideas; non-parishable food items (canned goods, dry goods) tents and supplies, Chlorine tablets, warm clothes (jackets, boots, hats, mitts etc.) school supplies (paper, pens, pencils, rulers) Warm blankets, sheets, toy, books, markers, crayons etc.

Please give generously.

For any information on ways that you can donate please visit.





Spin Master Toys and MAX Agency Toronto

I dont know if this project could be any more fun?! MAX Agency’s own Christian, Juliana, Bianca, Jasmine and Jana are auditioning for an internal video with Spin Master Toys. For this audition they will be playing with a few different toys and having fun on camera.

Spin Master Toys has been around since 1994. Spin Master Toys started when three university friends set out to build a business with $10,000. Best known for Devil Sticks, Grow Things, Chatter Rings and The Air Shark,  Spin Master has become an internationally recognized company, developing and distributing toy and kids’ consumer products around the world. The company’s success has stemmed largely from its willingness to take risks, its ability to blend in-house creativity with innovative partnerships, and above all, its track record of marketing great, fun and high quality products.

Sounds like a tough gig kids! MAX Agency Toronto wishes best of luck to all of you at your audition! Don’t we all wish that work could always be this much fun!

Snap, Crackle and Pop at MAX Agency Toronto

Who doesn’t know the infamous jingle, “Snap, Crackle, Pop Kelloggs Rice Krispies!”

Kelloggs Rice Krispies is looking for the next new adorable face for their Print campaign. We have two of MAX Agency’s finest, Haissam and Colby up for the part.

Besides for being a house hold name and providing nutritious, high-quality foods, Kelloggs Canada is committed to educating consumers and health professionals about nutrition and healthy active living through responsible packaging, brochures, advertising and scientific symposia.

Like us, Kelloggs also prides themselves on being a good neighbour and a responsible member of the community.

So not only do they do great things, but they taste great and are one of the most entertaining cereals on the market. Best of luck Haissam and Colby we hope you Snap, Crackle and Pop to the top with this audition!

Lip Smacking at MAX Agency Toronto

The Bonne Bell Company has been exciting lips with Lip Smacker, the WORLD’S favorite flavored lip gloss, since 1973. For their latest Print and On-line campaign they are looking for a fun, funky, innocent, but very cool girl. MAX Agency’s very own Krischelle is up for the audition, and we most certainly know that she is all of the above. This audition is a big deal because Bonne Bell is a leader in the cosmetic industry in Canada.

The Bonne Bell Company has been a family-owned company since 1927. Jesse G. Bell started the cosmetic company and named it after his daughter. He directed the company toward the youth market from the very beginning, long before other cosmetic companies viewed this as trendy. Today the company is still family owned and still dedicated to all young girls. The goal of The Bonne Bell Company is to encourage young women to express their inner beauty as well as their outer beauty. The Bonne Bell Company believes that freedom of self-expression is beautiful.

MAX Model Krischelle has what it takes, she’s beautiful in and out, best of Luck with the Audition!


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