New Talent Miles J. Joins MAX Agency!

MAX Agency would like to introduce a new talent to our roster: Miles J!


At a very young age, I was always interested in the arts. Art was my creative outlet, like drawings, and other forms of art such as Architectural Design, music, pottery, etc., which I was good at.

I studied Architectural Drafting and Design for four years in high school.

It evolved in fashion art as I grew into my late teens where I lived in San Francisco for 8 months when I was 19 years old. I began to appreciate and be interested in fashion/modelling.

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Also, I learned to Deejay at grade 13 and had my own Deejay equipment as I entered my University years, where I Deejayed as a hobby for two years during my university years.

After graduating from university, I took two semesters in Fashion Design at Ryerson as a hobby to learn more about fashion design.

Modelling/acting is a creative art form that I had always been interest in for a very long time.

As I transitioned from the business world to become self- employed in 2018, I was experimenting with Social Media to learn more about the Social Media industry as it is related to acting/modelling to create my own Social Media “Brand”.

I had been actively posting on Social Media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Youtube since mid 2018 to develop my creative skills in case I have an opportunity to join the Social Media Industry. My posts are primarily Health, Nutrition, Fitness, Sports related topics, and I had created a fun video in mid February 2019 at the time I had applied to MAX.

In mid February 2019, I came across the MAX Model Agency ad on Facebook looking for new talent, and I applied to take on a new challenge to add to my diverse professional career experience.

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