Natalie S – Showcase Saturday!

Welcome back to another Showcase Saturday here at Max Agency — a successful model and talent management agency in Canada representing menwomen and children.

This week we will be featuring one of our stunning and smart female talents, Natalie S.!

An introduction to Natalie:

“I’m an entrepreneur and an artist. I studied both business and fine arts at university and always found balancing those two worlds interesting. I’ve worked across Canada as an actor and dancer for many years and in 2016 I founded 123 Steps Ahead which is a national dance program for children and youth. I’m currently
working to bring this program to Toronto. ”

How she got into the acting/modelling scene:

“Acting goes way back! On my very first audition at 9 years old, I was cast for a theatre show and I really felt for my friend who didn’t get cast, as she was the one who invited me to join her. Shows come and go but at 9 years old it can be hard to accept.

Modelling was later, at 15 I was scouted by a Toronto agent to model in Asia, mainly Japan, but I was training as an athlete (competitive swimming) and I ended up sticking with athletics and university. Then at university, a friend asked if I would model in a Pontiac Wave ad with her and there you go – I was back at it.

Max approached me when I was living in Montreal and I thought it was good timing to join an agency.”

Most memorable moment from a set:

“The thing that stands out most to me is a very talented photographer who listens to 100% Disney music every time he shoots. There I was in these cool, sexy outfits
posing to the soundtracks of Mulan and Beauty and the Beast.”

Favourite things to do during her spare time:

“I really love painting and if I have time, cooking.”

Best advice for someone looking to get started in the industry:

Be yourself, everything, flaws and all. That’s what people connect with, and this industry is based on relationships. At the same time, be an excellent person to work with – respectful, gracious and fun. People remember those that energize and inspire them. They also remember those that are takers. Don’t be a taker.”

Best advice she’s received from others:

“From my amazing sister who is also a psychologist – When people tell you things you must look at their behaviours instead. Behaviours and actions speak a lot louder and are often more honest then words. I find seeing things through this lens really useful in every situation that puts me in relationship with someone else.”

Final thoughts:

Even though business and the arts seem to be two separate worlds, there are actually a lot of points of intersection. I use my entrepreneurial skills in all of my creative endeavours and when I’m doing business I use my creativity. They are both about problem solving and connecting with people. I like both those things!”


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