Myths About Being An Actor/Model #OppositeDay

“Acting is the least glamorous job,” Margot Robbie

Today is #NationalOppositeDay, therefore MAX Agency will be sharing some facts that are the OPPOSITE of the truth about the acting/modelling industry. Hopefully we can bust some of the common myths surrounding the industry!

You have to pay an agency to represent you.

FALSE. You should not be paying an agency anything other than the agency fee that they take out of the work they get for you. Usually this is 20% of whatever you make. When you make money, they make money which is their motivation for getting you jobs.

You do not need to invest anything into your career as long as you have talent.

Wrong. Even if you do have the talent, agencies will not pay for your acting or modelling tools, such as photos/head shots, comp cards, etc. This is something you must invest your own money in to reap the rewards. This goes for small or large agencies around the world.

You must be tall to be a model.

Yes, there are certain requirements for being a traditional runway model. However, there is must more opportunity for different types of models for commercials, photoshoots, etc. where height is not as big of a factor.

You must be skinny to be a model.

In relation to the point above, the modelling world has been evolving for the past twenty years and nontraditional looks are becoming more mainstream. There are now extremely successful plus size models, such as Ashley Graham. While it may still be harder to make it as a thicker model, it is definitely possible!

“Growing up, I never accepted my curves, but when I got the opportunity to become a plus size model, I was able to appreciate my voluptuous body and love myself, not only on the outside, but on the inside.” – Hayley Hasselhoff

You will find success right away.

Unfortunately this is not true. Many successful models and actors spend years auditioning without landing a gig or maybe doing small ones here or there before they make it big. A lot of actors never make it big but are still able to make a living. Do not be surprised if it takes a while before you start booking jobs, just keep pushing yourself to get better and honing your craft!

You are too old to start acting.

This statement is definitely the opposite of the truth. There are many successful actors who are over the age of 35 doing film, television and commercials. In fact, MAX Agency has some women over the age of 60 on our roster who have received numerous jobs over the last few years. Do not let your age keep you from this industry.

Happy #NationalOppositeDay! Remember, don’t believe everything you read today…

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