Model Agency Toronto – Modeling Toronto – Tip Tuesday – How To Pose For Photos

Posing for photos can be intimidating, whether you are taking them for your personal social media page or starting a modeling career. While working with a professional photographer, you will be directed on how to pose, but what about when you are posing on your own without direction?

1. Know Your Angles

The angle of the shot makes a huge difference. Try different angles to see what compliments your features the best and remember to practice them on your next shoot. 

For example, you can accentuate your legs in a full-body shot by having the camera just below eye level and facing slightly upward. For portraits, try a higher angle and snap a lot of photos until you get that sweet spot. 

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2. Check the Light

Light is your best friend in a photoshoot. Always turn your face towards the light, especially if it is natural light. It will brighten your face, blur out dark spots, and make you glow!

3. Relax

Be calm and relaxed. Your body language will show in your pose if your body is tensed. Remember to relax your body and your eyes, too.

4. Keep a Good Posture

Slouching makes you look insecure and frumpy. Stand up straight to look confident and powerful. It actually makes you feel more confident, so that will shine through your photos!

5. Move!

Especially when taking casual photos, instruct your camera person to take photo burst while you move around while posing. The best poses are actions caught in the perfect timing, and a photo with movement is more interesting.

6. Get Inspired

Look at models’ and influencers’ photos to find inspiration. Save for later when you are practicing posing. Adopt the ones that accentuate your features. 

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