MAX Talents Audition Checklists

As the year progesses things are beginning to pick up. As the weather changes, (hopefully turning warmer and sunnier) people become busier and more pre-occupied with being outdoors. More auditions start popping up for all ages. So her are a few things to remember when you have an audition. A sort of checklist as you will.

1. Make sure you have the address and contact information on a piece of paper. You never know when your phone or tablet will die.

2. Do you have your resume? They may not ask for it however its always a good idea to have a couple of copies on hand

3. Do you have enough comp cards? You may only leave one, or you may leave 3 or 4. It’s a good idea to take 4-5 just in case. If you have a spare plastic pouch/pocket in your portfolio book put them in there. Then you’ll never have to worry.

4. Did you remember to take your portfolio? Especially for print ads and any modelling auditions its important to have your portfolio. They want to see what you look like in print and also your diversity.

5. Breathe. This may sound simple and like it shouldn’t be stated, however, many people when they get nervous or anxious will hold their breath. It is important to keep the oxygen flowing. It will also help calm you and allow you to think more clearly when asnwe4ring questions and saying your lines.

6. Have fun! Again sounds like it is obvious. However often we get so caught up in wanting the job so badly we forget to enjoy the experience. Enjoy it for what it will offer you. You may not get the job, but that big casting director saw you and you never know what will happen in the future!

So go out and audition your butts off MAX Talents!! Oh and HAPPY CHINESE NEW YEARS!!