Max Agency’s Top 5 Tips for Nailing That Audition!

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With so many of our talent going out for auditions every day, we thought we would share a list of our Top 5 Tips for Nailing an Audition!

1. Always go to auditions

Just as the classic saying goes: “Practice Makes Perfect”. In order to get better at performing at auditions, you must actually attend them. The more auditions you go to, the more comfortable you will get with the process and the better you will perform. Do not believe that you will always get a booking after one audition (although it is possible and does happen). You should attend as many auditions as you can to build up your skills.

2. Show up on time

Casting directors work on a tight schedule and will not be pleased if they have to wait. Aim to be a little early in case you have to fill out any paperwork or in case you can get in early. If you absolutely know that you will not make it on time, be sure to let your agent know so they can pass it along. That way the casting people will be aware.

3. Dress appropriately

Most casting directors will provide instructions on how to dress for an audition. Always be sure to follow them if they are given. For example, they may ask you to dress according to the character you are trying out for (lab coat for doctor, athletic gear for athlete, etc.) If directions weren’t given, just be sure to look professional or even make the initiative to dress like your character if you have the information.

4. Come prepared

Besides dressing appropriately, you must also make sure to review the sides for the audition. If you have any lines or specific acting requirements, be sure you are aware and have them memorized if possible. Doing this shows you care about the project and putting in work right from the audition, along with ensuring your performance will be the best it could be.

5. Be confident

Confidence is something that may grow with time and with each audition you do. It’s okay to have some nerves but just make sure you’re being your friendly and expressive self. Hold your head high, have good posture and speak clearly when performing lines or simply speaking to the other people in the room. Don’t be afraid to show some personality and make yourself memorable!

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