MAX Agency Toronto Talents Auditiong for A&W Commercial

Remember the day when great tasting food was made to order with quality ingredients and always served with a frosty mug and a warm smile? Well, those days are still here at A&W Restaurants. MAX Agency Toronto Talent Jamie McCormick and Christopher Noble are auditioning for the A&W Commercial.

A&W is a chain of fast food restaurants which became famous in the United States for it’s “root beer floats” and “frosty mugs”, where the mug would be kept in the freezer prior to being filled with root beer and served to the customer. A&W was arguably the first successful food franchise company, starting francises in 1921 in California. Today it has franchise locations throughout the world, serving a typical fast food menu of hamburgers and french fries, as well as hot dogs.

Enjoy one of the most recent A&W Drive-thru commercial!

Best of luck to Max Toronto Actors Jamie and Chris at the Audition!

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